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Delivita Wood Fired Oven
Delivita Wood Fired Oven
Delivita Wood Fired Oven
Delivita Wood Fired Oven
Delivita Wood Fired Oven

Delivita Wood Fired Oven

The Delivita wood fired ovens are made of a fibreglass outer shell, refractory stone on the inside, with a stainless steel front, and weigh just under 30kg.
The patent-pending insulated oven base means it can be positioned anywhere on anything sturdy enough to bear the oven weight.

Perfect for all garden settings and available in a range of colours.
With the bonus of being handmade in the UK, by a team of skilled craftsmen in Yorkshire,

Every Purchase Includes:

- The ProSmoke BBQ bundle consisting of: Laser temperature gauge for checking your internal oven heat at distance, flamers for easy lighting of your oven, wood moisture checker, and wood split starter pack.
- Free delivery

Optional Pizzailo Bundle consisting of: oven cover, pizza peel, cutter, brush, dough scraper, fire prodder/blower and family pizza pack.

Seen a different colour? Let us know, we can supply any in the range.

currently in stock ready for shipment 




Here at ProSmoke BBQ, wood fired cooking is our number one passion. The flavour is unbeatable and varies every time, this is due to the live nature of wood, every piece has different characteristics that imparts a unique flavour to your food.  
The guys at Delivita have infused classic clay oven cooking into a portable home wood fired oven like nothing else on the market.
No longer do you need a huge brick and mortar structure in your garden for wood fired cooking. 


The traditional brick wood fired ovens weigh a huge amount, take a lot of effort to build, plus you're committed to a permanent structure in your garden.
The Delivita oven bucks the trend perfectly, it's lightweight, heats up quickly and has the ability to produce a huge amount of pizzas on one burn.
Your fuel source is always seasoned or kiln dried wood logs, these are the only way you will get that authentic cooking taste and feeling. 


The Delivita oven can cook pretty much anything, but if it's quality pizza you're after, then look no further.
Pizza is meant to be cooked over live fire, this brings out the best in the dough, while giving the top a kiss of wood smoke.  
The refractory stone internal skin of this oven heats up to extremely hot temperatures, meaning you can get top down heat from the burning fire, while getting radiant heat from the base of the oven, this gives you that restaurant quality crunch to the base pizza with ease. 
Due to their wood fired nature, they stay hot internally for a very long time, making it easy to cook lots of pizzas, whether it's a family gathering, street party, or commercial operation.


It's not often we meet companies with the same passion as ourselves for wood fired cooking,
but we were blown away by the Delivita team when we had a chance to cook with them for an evening. We took our low and slow Cactus Jack smoker, and compared it to the hot and fast cooking style of the Deliva ovens, the two very different cooking styles fused perfectly together and we knew we had to carry their amazing ovens. 


Wood fired ovens often just get used for just pizzas, and although the Delivita nails Pizza cooking, you can do much more, from cast iron cooking, to breads and vegetables, this oven has you covered.
The live fire gives you heat that burns from the back, over the food, then out the door, while still out putting radiant heat form the fire and the base, nothing we've seen can match this type of heat flow.


The Pizzaiolo pack included with this oven is all the essentials you will ever need, made and branded by the Delivita, this list is huge:
All weather oven cover, pizza peel for rotating your pizza during cooking, cutter for the perfect slices, cleaning brush, dough scrapper, fire prodder / blower making fire management a breeze and family pizza pack of dough to get you started. 

A ProSmoke BBQ Bundle 

In addition to the Pizzaiolo pack, we're also including the following items.
Laser temperature gauge for checking your internal oven heat at distance, flamers for easy lighting of your oven, wood moister checker, and wood pack!


The great thing about these ovens is they scale up with you.
Typically cheaper wood fired ovens have issues with heat retention,and cooking volume.
For example:  you want to cook for 10 people, but cheaper wood fired ovens would start to struggle a few pizzas in, particularly  as the temperatures start to drop towards the end of the summer, the Delivita is unaffected by ambient temperature, and this is a good thing. Here at ProSmoke we want you cooking year round, whatever the weather. 

These units right out of the box can are perfect for home use, all the way to commercial operations, one unit can produce up to 90 pizzas an hour on one load of fuel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Commitment To Brands We Carry 

Here at ProSmoke BBQ we don't carry anything that isn't the best in it's class, and if there's anything we know inside out it's wood fired cooking, the Delivita oven is so far ahead of the competition, we won't stock any other portable wood fired oven.
We also feel customer support is also very important, even though you buy form us, you get access to the experts at Delivita going forward, weather it's a warranty claim, or advise on an upcoming cook, we have you covered, at no point will you be left in the deep end with this oven.