WSM 57cm or UDS Firebasket



If there's one problem with the massive 57cm Weber Smokey Mountain it's the fire ring, unless it's full, it can be hard to get a good burn. This is due to the coals being able to spread out and fall through the wide fire grate. 

This upgraded laser-cut steel firebasket from BBQ Smoker Mods, keeps all your coals together and still elevated off the smoker floor, for clean consistent burning and air flow. The laser cut grate is removable and has narrower gaps than the standard Weber one.
Whether you run it full, half full or just a base layer, its unique design will keep the burn steady and consistent. 
We found the basket is actually tall enough to hold more fuel than the standard fire ring, and can run the WSM at 240F for 24-28 hours. 
Take an already excellent cooker to the next level and make ash clean out a whole lot easier.

This basket also fits most UDS drums and brings all the above advantages to your unit.

30cm High x 35cm Wide. 

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