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Loose Oak Wood Split Chunks
Loose Oak Wood Split Chunks
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16'' Wood Split Packs


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    English & American Hardwoods 

    We are now offering our American hardwood in 16'' split form, these are great for cutting your own chunks or running in your Masterbuilt gravity series using the ''ProSmoke Split Method''.

    • Slow cured to 16-19% moisture level
    • English & American hardwoods
    • New: 12-14kg boxes
    • 16'' long splits 4-6 per pack (various thickness)
    • Guaranteed perfect burn, thin blue smoke every time

    If there's one thing we know, then that's smoking wood! these American hardwoods come in Pecan, Maple, Post Oak & Hickory, but the stock does vary due to how popular it is.

    Buying splits to cut your own chunks is much more economical. You can process the wood into chunks using a manual or circular saw. 
    You get upto 3 times as much vs our chunk packs! 

    These splits are gnarly! good seasoned hardwood has likely been laid in a field for a few years, so expect moss & bark, so you may need wire brush to clean them up, or throw them right in your smoker like we do.
    One thing is for sure, they will be dried to the perfect level to burn well and give you amazing smoker flavour !



    What's the ''ProSmoke split method'' for gravity series cookers

    The Masterbuilt gravity series has a unique charcoal chamber that means you slide one of these splits down it, surround it with charcoal and get clean consistent burning wood smoke for hours into your cook. 
    No wood chunks in the ash bin are needed! you will get next level bark on your brisket, or lamb 

     Want to process these splits to a smaller size? See our range of axes below:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Dave m

    Most of the splits, nearer 14”.
    Apple very clean whilst cherry very dirty. Looks like soil and dust. Cleaned up before using to be safe. Smokes ok.

    Thanks for the review Dave. Yes the wood does often come through dirty as the trees have been laid in a field while seasoning / drying. By not cleaning it up before shipment or doing any prep work we can keep the price low.

    John Nicholson
    Very good value

    If you have the tools and skill to safely cut these to the size you need, then they are an excellent purchase, especially for the woods that aren’t that easy to source in the UK

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