Bolt On UDS ''Tube Style'' Air Intakes With Inlet Blades


These 68cm tall tube set are the best drum intakes we've tested, they fit any drum smoker giving it a stylish and professional look.
Due to their shape they enable a drafting effect that moves air extremely quickly through your smoker like a fan oven, and the quicker your drum moves hot air over the meat, the quicker it cooks. These really are the key to hot and fast drum cooking, seen in competition BBQ. 
The inlet control is so fine, thanks to the inlet tear drop blades, you can really dial in your cooking temperatures, whether your cooking low and slow or hot and fast.
Authentic UDS Parts direct from the US, simply measure up and bolt on, no welding required. 
They come in plain steel ready to be painted in your own colours. 

We recommend you pair them with the 2'' threaded chimney exhaust, together they create excellent airflow, because smoker draw\draft is a combination of the exhaust and inlet. You will also be able to lock in very accurate temperatures where your smoker will sit unattended for hours.  

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