Large Coolers

  • Keeps Ice Up To 7 Days (When 2/3 full)
  • Seamless Roto Molded Construction
  • Integrated Locking System - Keeps your contents safe
  • Heavy Duty Rubber T- Latches - Smooth trouble-free closure

These coolers are very practical for everyday use and can be taken to work, camping, hunting, fishing or even cooking. 
Here at pro smoke we use our coolers slightly differently, that is holding briskest and pork shoulders after a long cook. These coolers can work in the reverse manner that is keeping food warm, they are so well insulated they will keep heat for up to 24 hours, but that would ruin your cook. 6 maximum is what you're looking for, simply get your meat cooked and resting In a cooler while you wait for your guests to arrive. 
Another method is blast chilling, fill the cooler with ice, drop in your meat joint wrapped in tin foil and chill the joint quick, this preserves the collagen and fats, meaning you can chill the meat and reheat it at a later point, still giving you that amazing slow cooked taste.  

115 Quart / 130 Litres
Internal Storage:
72cm Wide x 35cm Deep x 39cm High 
(Meaning, as you reach in the cooler)

65 Quart / 73 Litres Size:
Internal Storage:
61.5cm Wide x 30cm Deep x 33cm High (Meaning, as you reach in the cooler)

Add approximately 5cm to the measurements above for external dimensions.  

We are also including 2 x Stainless steel insulated pint glasses with every purchase