Compressed Wood Chunks


These wood chunks are my goto method for smoking food, let me explain.
Low and slow cooking temperatures are typically between 220-250 Fahrenheit, this involves a very small fire smouldering away for hours. Until now most people have used wood chunks, these often have a very high moisture content, this creates a problem with the wood smouldering at a low temperature as it does not fully ignite, thus not releasing the smoke flavour in the chunk to its full potential.
Our compressed chunks on the other hand, are a compressed block of wood made from sawdust, they have zero moister content, additives and ignite at very low temperatures, this in turn means you get:
- A very controlled smoke for hours per brick
- No bitter taste from using too much smoke or using a block of wood that hasn't been dried properly.

These packs consist of 9-12 cylinder shaped chunks, we recommend you use 1-3 per hour, for the first 2 hours.
1 Chunk = mild smoke
2-3 Chunks = heavier smoke