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Oklahoma Joe Highland Accessories and Modifications

Oklahoma Joe Highland Accessories and Modifications

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The Oklahoma Joe's a great offset for getting started in the world of offset smokers, it will run on charcoal and wood. 
These accessories do however make things a bit easier, they will help keep heat in and well distributed, something very important for a smoker made from thinner gauge material like this one. 

Baffle Plates
Offset smokers by design let all the heat in one end of the cook chamber, this can be a good thing. But some slow cooks you want even temperatures en to end, that's where baffle plates come in, they distribute the heat evenly across the smoker using a series of drilled holes.  
Our plates are thick steal, creating a heat sink effect also, they need seasoning with oil and will last forever. We recommend leaving a 1cm gap at the firebox end, this should give you consistent temperatures within 10F each side. 

Water Pan
This unique pan will sit on the baffle plates at the firebox end, adding moister to the cook chamber as well as adding a further heat sink effect. 
Gasket Seal (Black)
The joints on these smokers can be leaky, this tape can be applied to all the doors as well as the join between the firebox and cook chamber, less leaks makes for a better air draw through the smoker, getting heat in and out quickly and efficiently, helping to cook your food more thoroughly. 
White for illustration purposes. 
The latch system will further improve the joins between the cook chamber door and the main body and can improve your charcoal efficiency by 21-45%. 
You will need to fit yourself, using 3/16 Screws and bolts for fixing.

Thermometer Upgrades