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PK Grill - PK 360
PK Grill - PK 360
PK 360
PK 360 Review
PK Grill - PK 360
PK Grill - PK 360
PK Grill - PK 360
PK 360 Grill

PK Grill - PK 360

The Best Grill Known To Man

The kettle and ceramic BBQ alternative you have been looking for.

The PK 360 is premium charcoal grilling at its very best, and is long considered the best BBQ grill in the world. 
It also packs a punch in the smoking department, with the ability to offset your food for true indirect cooking, and due to its shape and hinged grill grate you always have access to the coal and smoking wood, 
Plus it has 360 squares inches of cooking space, this is virtually the same as a 57cm kettle BBQ. 

Our newly added ultimate essentials bundle consists of the following

  •  Pk 360 outdoor cover
  • 2 x Bags of 15kg restaurant grade charcoal
  • ProSmoke axe
  • 3kg of wood chunks
  • 50 pack of firestarters
  • Grill badger brush
  • Quickglow chimney starter
  • Choose from one sauce and one rub by the Fire & Smoke society  

Scroll down for all its amazing features. 

Now accepting PayPal on PK Grills, spread the cost over 3 months - email us for more information: 

We ship worldwide, prices on request 
Examples: Ireland £20 / £50 - Rest of Europe £70 - 
Countries outside the UK do not pay UK Tax 


The Art Of Grilling Just Got An Upgrade

Here we bring you the flagship PK Grills model, the PK 360, it's simply stunning.
The PK engineers took over 40 years of experience from the previous model, and developed this 360 version. It's bigger, better, with a ton more features. 
This BBQ has all the benefits of a ceramic kamado, with non of the drawbacks.
We are not kidding when we tell you this will last a lifetime.
ProSmoke BBQ are proudly PK-UK, supporting the warranty and proving customer support here in the UK. 

Designed To Stand Out And Last

Not only does this grill look stunning, it will stay that way, everything on it is corrosion resistant.
From the the PK360 cast aluminum shell, duriduim plastic shelving and 304 stainless steel grates inside.
It doesn't necessary need a cover, but we have them if you want them.
We think you will agree, there's nothing quite like this grill in the UK, and we're excited to bring you another premium option for outdoor grilling, along with low and slow.

Advanced Materials Never Before Seen In BBQ

The PK engineers pride themselves on taking existing materials used in BBQ and finding a better version. One example is the black durabilium side shelves, designed exclusively for the new PK360.
The shelves are formed from high quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester, that is highly heat resistant, super durable and easy to clean.
The shelves are removable and stow easily using the integrated side handle hooks on the PK.
Also very strong, they can withstand the heaviest of cast iron pans.
No longer do BBQ side shelves have to be useless!

4 Vents For All Cooking Options

Having 4 vents on your cooker means you can manipulate heat flow much more accurately than a kettle or Kamado style BBQ. 
Plus it's shape lends its self excellently to ''2 zone'' cooking.
If you're slow cooking, simply build the fire one side, open the vent underneath it, then set your food off to the other side, opening the vent above, this will slowly draw heat and smoke across your food for hours, but you can still sear at the end over the hot coals.
Want to grill across the whole surface? no problems, open all the vents and shut the lid to snuff flare ups. 

Its All In The Details 

This barbecue's loaded with innovation.
- Tel Tru American made thermometer with lots of heat quadrant's to help you nail the perfect temperature.
- Never seen before Cast aluminium inlet vent tubes, simply twist to open and close.
- Folding side shelves for easy stowing, but also removable for transportation.
- Swivelling BBQ stand for rotating the cooker.

PKTX vs PK360

These 2 models of grill are similar but have some differences, we've got this handy chart for you to see what would fit your BBQ needs.
The main difference is the PK360 is less portable due to its increase size and non folding cart. 

Our Commitment To Brands We Carry

As with all the brands we carry, we're 100% behind them, we don't just import, buy, sell then forget. The PK Grill warranty will be fully support by us here in the UK, prior to now this has not been possible due to there being no dedicated dealer network, your warranty would be handled directly with the US and would involve expensive shipping invoices. 
Portable Kitchens, Inc. hereby warrants to the original consumer-purchaser this new “Portable Kitchen” grill and smoker to be free from defective material or workmanship at the time of purchase. Portable Kitchens, Inc. warrants the cast aluminium bowl and lid for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of purchase; the cooking and charcoal grates, if constructed of stainless steel, for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase, and otherwise for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase; the plastic components for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase; all other metal parts and accessories for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase; grill covers for two (2) years from the date of purchase; and the temperature gauge for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew Maciver
Best decision

I spent months deliberating what to get and this has to be the best purchase by far. Prosmoke are amazing to deal with and honestly couldn't reccommed them any higher.
The PK360 is built like a tank and makes BBQ really easy. There is not one thing I could complain about

Charles Edwards
Loving the PK360

Loving my new grill. Came well packaged in two big boxes, simple assembly, surprisingly stable on its single leg - clever engineering that. Coming from a Kamado I’ve cooked better grilled food (grill plates highly recommended) and smoking low and slow is easy. Glad I went for the 360, perfect family size and room for 2 zone cooking. ProSmoke are fantastic dealers and so knowledgeable

Darren Hurrell
Built like a tank!!

Excellent Grill. So well made it’s ridiculous. None of this flimsy kettle grill or fragile ceramic nonsense. This is quality and built to last.
Easy to put together, the hardest part is getting the bits out of the box.
I was worried about the plastic side shelf’s as they are usually virtually unusable on every other bbq I’ve owned. These are so different. I knew by the weight getting them out of the box that this was a different story. Solid, heat resistant and very usable.
Literally can’t find fault, I’m trying to find a negative but I can’t.
Love it.
Would just like to add - excellent service as always from Prosmoke. Can’t fault these guys either. Great deal and outstanding customer service.

Esses Smoke bois
built to last

I got my pk360 last december and i just love it!! i went for the graphite one and it looks amazing! I mainly use it for hot and fast cooking but have used it for indirect cooking as well. still getting the hang of dialing it in correctly but ill get there.

the build quality on this grill is a amazing and its reflected in the price of the grill, sure its more expensive than its competitors but this thing is something you are going to be able to hand over to your kids! Its easy to assemble and like the name implies it is portable and easily disassembles for transport and storage. love my PK!!!

Mike poole
Pure quality

I have several bbqs but I have to say this is by far the best built bbq I have seen so far.
This gets to temp really quick and holds there with ease.
Olly has been great delivery was super quick.
Stop trying to decide if you should get it and get it. You won’t be disappointed
Thanks Prosmoke