UDS FireDial Heat Baffle


We're excited to bring you the UDS parts Firedial, this unique baffle sits in your Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS), where your water pan would normally be and has the following benefits:

  • Standard out the box it's set to low and slow, it regulates temperature by limiting the airflow through the smoker, the same as the water pan, but has the added benefit of absorbing heat and acting as a heat sink in your smoker to balance temperature swings, as well as save fuel. 
  • You will also get a griddle cooking effect, due to the meat juices dripping onto a red hot plate evaporating and adding another flavour profile to your cooks.
  • Possibly the best feature is the adjustable tabs, by bending these up you will increase airflow and change your UDS to a hot and fast drum smoker, simply tune to your favorite cooking temperature. Why not buy 2 plates, 1 for low and slow, the other for hot and fast competition cooks. 
  • This plate also adds to the swirling effect, moving air in a circular motion through the UDS, this eliminated hot spots and creates very even cooking of large cuts of meat, meaning no more grate adjustment as you cook.