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Unknown BBQ Accessories and Cajun Bandit Doors For Weber Smokey Mountain

Unknown BBQ Accessories and Cajun Bandit Doors For Weber Smokey Mountain

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If you see a combination of products not listed let me know and I can add them. 

These are must-have accessories for everyone looking to take their Weber Smokey Mountain performance to the next level. 

Unknown BBQ Hinge and Hanger
This hinge upgrade eliminates the need of placing the lid on the floor when checking your cooks, its unique design means you can lift the lid and it will lock in the upright position. When ready to resume cooking you pull the lid upwards and the latch system allows the lid to shut. 
If you did want to remove the lid completely, simply remove the hinge pin and your smoker lid can be fully removed. 
It comes with instructions and all screws for easy install.
But please be aware you will need to drill into the body of your Weber possibly voiding its warranty.
If buying with a gasket, fit the hinge first. 
The stainless steel hanger system's completely unique but it's so useful, the lack of tables with the WSM is it's only downfall, but this stong hanger means you can mount your tongs or thermometer with ease. 

For years users have reported their standard WSM door to not be optimal, when it comes to fit and style. But the guys at Cajun Bandit in the US have designed this thick stainless steel door to overcome this. It not only provides a stylish clean look to your Weber, but it also improves heat retention, making temperatures more manageable during cooks.  
No drilling or cutting is needed, we also ship it with a specially designed hinge that pulls the door tight to the smoker, not like the stock factory version. 

Cajun Bandit Expander Kit
This kit will add a third cooking grate to your 57cm" WSM smoker, simply remove the existing Weber brackets holding the shelving and add our high-quality replacement ones, using the same screws. We also include an extra 57cm cooking grate, this is the same spec version found in all Weber products, thick stainless steel. 
Before you could cook for the whole family, now you can cook for the whole village! Excellent for caterers, competition teams and commercial operations.

Cajun Bandit Rotisserie (Battery Powered)
There are many rotisserie options out there, but this really is the rolls Royce of them, solid stainless steel stacker ring complete with robust battery-powered motor. This kit is easy to install and will give you some rotisserie food like never before, you will be producing competition level BBQ in no time.

Gasket Kit 
This kit is often asked for when purchasing the door upgrade, so we've created a bundle with it all in ready to go. 
This high-temperature roll of gasket tape ensures you get a tight seal between the lid and main body, along with the seal between the door and the body, this way you can get a more stable temperature reading within the smoker when adjusting the stock vents.  
Instructions are all included for this self-stick tape, but we do recommend when buying with the hinge you fit the hinge first. 
1 roll is 15ft and will do a 57cm WSM with some left over.