PK Grills Have Landed In The UK

Here at ProSmoke we've been working behind the scenes to bring the amazing Pk grills to the UK, quite simply these grills can do it all, just a quick google search and you will find review after review singing their praises.

Their unique design and shape means you can cook indirectly for low and slow smoking, or direct for grilling.

Low and slow BBQ PK Grill

All models of PK grill are made from a thick cast aluminium shell, this shell although being aluminium is an excellent heat retainer, and the conductivity of this material means you get a very even temperature throughout the inside of the cooking chamber. 
Much like a ceramic bbq (Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg (BGE), Monolith etc) you get very long cook times on one load of fuel.
You can extend the cooking time even longer by using briquettes over lump wood, these can be found in our store here:

hen comparing these BBq's to a ceramic cooker or Kettle BBQ like a weber, these win most of the time, PK grills won't get damaged if dropped, they are much easier to move and transport, lightweight and will not corrode in anyway, they are made from aluminium, stainless steel and advanced plastic for the shelving. 

We carry the following 2 models:
PKTX Weber Kettle Alternative

The PKTX is the ultimate in portable BBQ, nice big grilling space, foldable, and comes with a range of accessories, it can do low and slow, plus direct grilling.
Don't believe us, here's a review from the professionals over at Amazing ribs (they review the original version, this is identical to this version, we just put it on the foldable TX stand)

PK 360 
PK 360 Kamado Joe alternative
This PK is the top-end model, the engineers from PK took all of their knowledge and data from when they started this company in 1952 and built this.
Not as portable but a real statement piece for your garden and BBQ collection, this is as good as it gets, low and slow, hot and fast, a fine-tuned vent system, lightweight and still portable, the engineering detail in this grill is excellent, we feel it's the best-kept secret in UK BBQ. 

Once again the guys at amazing ribs got their hands on one and gave it another Platinium review!

Grill review awards BBQ

With so many awards, these BBQ's are an outstanding addition to our range, and at this price point with the range of accessories we love them, see the full range below, and feel free to visit our showroom anytime.