Weber Smokey Mountain Upgrades And Accessories

Tip Top Temp

On Sale from £2.00

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WSM 37cm Door and Latch


WSM 47cm Door and Latch

£64.99 £49.99

WSM 57cm Door and Latch

£74.99 £65.99

FireDial Heat Baffle (Weber Smokey Mountains)

On Sale from £29.99

WSM 57cm Door, Latch and Gasket

£92.99 £79.99

Unknown BBQ Lid Hinge

On Sale from £39.99

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4'' Pro Smoke Pit Thermometer

On Sale from £29.99

WSM or UDS Firebasket

On Sale from £29.99

Natural Wood Wool Firelighters

On Sale from £5.99

Oren International Pink Butcher Paper

On Sale from £9.99

BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

On Sale from £13.99

Cajun Bandit Cylinder Lock Kits And Wheels

On Sale from £54.99

Thermapen ONE

£69.99 £59.99


£22.99 £19.99

Grill Badger BBQ Brush

£29.99 £23.99

Weber Smokey Mountain Folding Side Shelf

On Sale from £99.99

Heat Bead Briquettes

On Sale from £23.99

Large Quickglow Chimney With Starter Option

On Sale from £27.99

Fire Pack

£109.99 £84.99

Sold Out

BBQ Starter Pack

£85.99 £74.99

The Low And Slow Pack

£79.99 £69.99

Sold Out
Sold Out

ProSmoke Wood Chunk Axe

£24.99 £19.99

ETI Dot - Digital Thermometer

£39.99 £24.99