Wood chips are great!

Wood chips might just be the most versatile way to add flavour to your food when cooking on a BBQ or smoker, any skill level in BBQ can create some lovely tasting food.
Here's some tips and tricks to get the most out of your smoking, whether you're a seasoned pit master, or a novice smoker looking to impress your friends and family. 

First of all, not all smoke is equal, blue, thin and almost invisible smoke is your mission. White smoke flooding from your smoker indicates improper combustion, far too often we see people loading their smokers with large wood chunks onto a tiny fire, the wood doesn't ignite and it gives off a very strong taste which isn't pleasing.
Wood chips almost always combust because of their size, making them very easy to get the results you want. 

Here are some of the best techniques we've found. 

- Soak in water and throw on hot coals when grilling, but close the lid to lock in that wonderful flavour.
Soaking wood is often advised against, but because you have such a hot fire, it will evaporate the moisture very quickly and combust the chip completely.

- Layer a few handfuls through your coals before you fire up your smoker, as it slowly burns the coal it will ignite the chips adding flavour to your food much like chunks. This is a great controlled method we use ourselves in Kamado cookers. 

- Or if you're a gas griller, make a small foil parcel with a handful of chips within, pierce some holes through with a pin and place on the burner for a slow smoke release. 

Some suggestions of what flavours go well with different meats
Apple and Hickory Blend
Great with Pork, Fish and Chicken

Oak, Cherry and Hazelnut
A must with Beef, Lamb and Game

Alder, Beech and Cherry
A milder smoke for Beef or Lamb.

The main thing is to have fun.
Plus we're always available to give advice on your upcoming cooks, or even if you're halfway through one! Just drop us an email, or message through our social media platforms. 

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