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Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800

IN STOCK - Dispatch time is 24 hours on a 24-hour delivery. We keep you updated every step of the way.

  • The ultimate set and forget BBQ/Grill/Smoker
  • Gas / Pellet cooker convenience, now with lump wood charcoal 
  • Equipped with a digital fan for perfect temperature control
  • Simply fill with charcoal, light, set the required temperature on the control panel and cook, it's really that easy!
  • 800 total square inches of cooking space
  • Ships with a huge flat plate griddle 
  • 1 year warranty supported by ProSmoke BBQ and Masterbuilt. We are the ONLY platinum dealer of this unit in the UK. We handle support and warranty in partnership with Masterbuilt, so you're not on your own after purchasing. This is a very important thing to consider when price comparing. Read more by clicking here 
  • We buy all our stock factory direct. This means you get the latest edition of this cooker. All have the new switches, charcoal grate, porcelain lined charcoal chamber and latest software. 
  • Keep scrolling for the amazing feature list

ProSmoke bundle consists of the following and is worth £89.99

  • 1 x Pack of wood chunks/chips
  • 1 x Bag of Charcoal - Big K Restaurant grade 15kg
  • 1 x 20ft Roll Of Butcher Paper
  • 1 x pack of organic fire starters

Our newly launched ultimate essentials bundle consists of the following:

  • 2 x Bags of Masterbuilt Charcoal 
  • 1 x 20ft roll of butcher paper
  • 1 x pack of organic firestarters
  • 3kg box of wood chunks
  • ProSmoke axe
  • Masterbuilt outdoor cover
  • ProSmoke manifold cover with drip pan holders
  • Grill badger BBQ brush with griddle cleaning head
  • Norfolk smoke pit ''good ole rub''
  • Good rub Texas AF salt and pepper seasoning

Price match depending on your location, email us for more information

Do you want a bundle not listed on the site to complete the purchase??? email us, we are always keen to customise and apply discounts!

In-store collection discounts are available! 

Scroll Down For All The Features & More Exclusive Gear From ProSmoke BBQ 

The Blade Runner Of BBQ Just Got Better

The Masterbuilt gravity fed 800 is here and it brings yet more to the table.
The 800 series sits perfectly between the 560 and 1050 in terms of size, but has one huge bonus not found on the others in the range. A griddle / flat plate system that can easily be deployed between smoking and regular grilling.
Gravity fed charcoal griddle cooking is yet another first in BBQ! 

product image


Upgraded hopper system with the capacity for those long cooks.
If you don't use all your charcoal then no problems, close down the smoker, snuff out the flame and use it on the next cook. 
We love to run our unique blend of American smoking wood right in with the fuel, simply add 2 chunks and you're good to go. 


The fan assisted Masterbuilt 800 means your get the perfect temperature each cook, as the smoker detects the heat inside the cooking chamber and maintains it by calling on the fan to stoke the coals if needed.
We've also found this high flow system means you're cooking with similar airflow seen on our offset smokers.
The smoke profile imparted on meat with this Masterbuilt is the closest we've found to stick burner cooking, meaning you get that perfect bark and smoke ring. 

product image

feed a couple, or
a crowd

Huge Cooking Capacity

product image


Outdoor griddle cooking until now was reserved for gas BBQ's.
Now with the Masterbuilt 800, you can slow cook all day on the standard setup, then drop in your griddle system as guests are arriving, and grill up a storm while your slow cooked food rests.


The Masterbuilt griddle system for the 800 series is genius.
You simply remove the standard cast iron cooking grates, and deploy the extra griddle system included in every box.
You're then ready to cook up some authentic flat plates dishes.

product image
product image


The searing potential was always the main question from people when we got the 560. These worries were quickly put to bed, they can sear! 
They will also cook pizzas, getting insanely hot with the patent fan and manifold system, this delivers hot air from the charcoal fire at the twist of a controller. 


Innovation was top of the list when the 800 was designed.
Not only has a front shelf been added, it folds and its in stainless steel, in addition with folding warming racks seen here.

product image
product image


Swiveling castors and large rear wheels for easy movement. 
Width 139cm
Height 129cm
Length 77cm
Weight 70 kG

Cooking Area: 800 square inches of cooking space, spread over 3 levels. 


Full WIFI compatibility, program and manage your cooks from anywhere using your smart device.
The Masterbuilt software on this unit will be updated with more features and tools via over the air updates in the future, it's possibilities are endless.

product image


We are the kings of the bundle:
1 x Bag of 15kg restaurant grade charcoal (we've been testing this for the last year and its the best charcoal for the gravity series)
1 x Pack of 50 fire starters
1 x Pack of Prosmoke wood chunks/chips imported form the US.
1 x 20ft roll of butcher paper
Free UK Delivery 

product image
product image

Stainless Steel Manifold Kit

Theres whole community's online that modify their Masterbuilts, some mods are needed, others are not, here at ProSmoke we stay on top of all the latest developments, as we get these upgrades you do too.
Our first modification is a stainless steel cover for your Masterbuilt heat manifold. This sits on the existing manifold and catches all the drippings, it safely channels the cooking oils and grease away, reducing flare ups. Its dishwasher safe and makes clean up of your Masterbuilt a breeze.We also ship these handy feet with the cover, that mount on top, this enables you to place a disposable drip pan to catch all the meat drippings.

A ProSmoke Exclusive -  Next Level Wood Smoke
Here at Prosmoke we're always testing new methods to get more from the Masterbuilt gravity series.
We recently found adding a 16'' wood split to the charcoal chamber gave us lots of clean smoke for a longtime, several hours to be exact!
So make sure you add one of our wood split packs to your order. 
You can use the included wood chips or chunks from the bundle, to place in the ash pan, mix flavours and have fun. 

Loose Oak Wood Split Chunks
Wood Smoke Chart
Loose Oak Wood Split Chunks
Wood Smoke Chart
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UK mainland delivery is free of charge and included in the price. 

Unfortunately shipping to the Scottish highlands, Ireland (Northern and Republic) and any offshore location carries a surcharge.

All places are £120.00 a pallet via our logistics company, but we feel this is slightly excessive, so we charge you £20 at checkout, and a further £30 for the customs surcharge, this will follow on a separate shopping cart once checked out.

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 customer image

Oliver Giles

ProSmoke BBQ CEO

So the 800 landed in our stock and we quickly fired it up to discover griddle grilling is extremely fun! it adds yet another dimension to your cooking and the 800 series gravity fed, sits on a nice tight foot print, but more cooking space than the 560.
The gravity fed system gets users the closest to the offset cooking flavor profile, which is always the ultimate aim, as its the purist form of BBQ.  This does it for great price point without the huge outlay of equipment and time.
Once again we take our hat off to Masterbuilt.  

Warranty and Support

money-back icon

Here at Prosmoke BBQ we know how daunting a new BBQ purchase can be, and how important customer support is going forward. But rest assured your unit is fully covered by Masterbuilt for 1 year.
If at any point you need to chat, or need help with any of it's functions we're here to help 7 days a week, just drop us a line:
Masterbuilt are a well established company, fully committed to customer support, with an excellent supply chain, any hardware issues can be resolved quickly through their support portal.
You're always covered through ProSmoke BBQ's insurances for the goods when in transit, if you take delivery and things aren't as expected, we've got your back.
We also buy all our stock factory direct in containers, this way your unit is only handled once, by us! other companies buy from UK fulfillment centers, this increases the handling and the issues, this is why we offer Platinum support with every purchase. 

Always make sure you tag us on social media, we love seeing your cooks, and are always looking for product gurus to help us develop our line going forward #prosmokebbq

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew Bowkett
Masterbuilt 800

Fantastic service
Opened up on a Saturday so I could see the range, gave me a great deal and even helped loading it all in the car
Super great service will definitely recommend and use again
Cracking BBQ simple to use quick to heat up whether your grilling, roasting or having a quick fry up on the griddle pan

Theo saltman
800% awesome

The Swiss Army knife of bbqs it really does do it all.
The only down point is I’m now not sure I could live without one.
After years of running conventional charcoal grills and bullet/drum smokers and the associated dedication to fuel and temperature maintenance this thing is a revelation. I wasn’t interested in a pellet grill as they fall in to a similar category to gas for me. This combines that level of eases of use but running it on charcoal and wood you get all the characteristics of a true bbq, smoke rings, woody flavour, char marks, blue smoke. It does it all to an exceptional standard hot and fast searing on the plancha low and slow long cooks, baking and roasting like an oven. I’ve cooked everything from ribs and brisket to kebabs chicken wings burgers and whole fish. It’s not often you find something that genuinely does it all and even rarer to find something that does it all well but this really does.
If you are on the fence get off it immediately and buy one.