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PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle

PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle

A Portable Grill And Table Top Smoker

- Rustproof and virtually indestructible aluminium clamshell
- 400 square inches in total of cooking space (When using flipkit)
- 2 x sets of cast iron cooking grates included (1 for the lid cooking option)
- Flipkit also included (lid cooking) 
- Water shedding radial exhaust vents 
- Digital probe door
Durabilium handle
- 2 zone and 1 zone cooking
- Owners handbook
- The only dealer to offer full UK warranty (10 years on aluminium shell, 2 years on stainless components) Purchases from elsewhere will be US warranty coverage. 
- UK stock
- The perfect overlanding or camping companion, no longer do you need a stove for cooking, now you have a full BBQ and smoker. 
- Now ships with a bag of high-quality lump wood charcoal, a sample pack of firestarters and smoking wood chips! 

But there's more! if you want just a Hibachi style grill with no lid, we have the PKGO Hibachi that you can find here:
PKGO Hibachi


Buy the PKGO with Grill Grates and get a discount. Just add both items to your shopping cart for an automatic discount at checkout. 

Now accepting PayPal on PK Grills, spread the cost over 3 months - email us for more information: 

We ship worldwide, prices on request 
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Countries outside the UK do not pay UK Tax 

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A Small Grill With Huge Potential

We've known about the PKGO for sometime and can now finally reveal it.
As usual PK Grills take BBQ innovation to the next level.
This clamshell unit is based on its older brother the PK 360, sharing the thick cast aluminium design.
Portable BBQ has been turned on it's head, due to the fact the lid can be used as an extra grill, simply by mounting it to the ''flip kit'', doubling your grilling space.
Only available in the UK through ProSmoke BBQ.
Camping, garden cooking or tail-gating, this thing really can go anywhere! 

Designed To Stand Out And Last

Not only does this grill look stunning, it will stay that way, everything on it is corrosion resistant.
From the the cast aluminium shell, duriduim plastic handle and cast iron grill grates.

We think you will agree, there's nothing quite like this grill in the the world, and we're excited to bring you another premium option for table top, camping or tail gate grilling and smoking

Advanced Materials Never Before Seen In BBQ

The PK engineers pride themselves on taking existing materials used in BBQ and finding a better version. One example is the black durabilium handle, designed exclusively for the new PKGO, this is  high quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester, that is highly heat resistant, super durable and easy to clean.
The stainless steel lid catches and cast iron grates are no exception.

4 Vents For All Cooking Options

Having 4 vents on your cooker means you can manipulate heat flow much more accurately. 
Plus it's shape lends its self excellently to ''2 zone'' cooking.
If you're slow cooking, simply build the fire one side, open the vent underneath it, then set your food off to the other side, opening the vent above, this will slowly draw heat and smoke across your food for hours, but you can still sear at the end over the hot coals.
Want to grill across the whole surface? no problems, open all the vents and shut the lid to snuff flare ups. 

Lots Of Inovation Packed Into One Unit

- Zero moving parts in the hinge system
- Water shedding radial exhaust vents
- Innovative air intake system
- Flip kit for lid grilling
- Thermometer probe inlet
- Patent PK Grills aluminium capsule for optimum heat retention.

Small Footprint

We get lots of requests for small table top BBQs but we just couldn't find any that ticked all the boxes. This small cooker when assembled with the lid attched, also becomes a legitimate smoker! unheard of for tail gating or table top BBQ.

PKGO Smoking In Action

The Flip Kit is really that easy

PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle
PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle

PK Grills - PKGO With Starter Bundle


Frequently Asked Question

Our Commitment To Brands We Carry

As with all the brands we carry, we're 100% behind them, we don't just import, buy, sell then forget. The PK Grill warranty will be fully support by us here in the UK, prior to now this has not been possible due to there being no dedicated dealer network, your warranty would be handled directly with the US and would involve expensive shipping invoices. There is not much to go wrong with this unit due to virtually no moving parts, but the piece of mind is there, ProSmoke BBQ is now PKUK and will carry a full range of accessories and any future grills that they release. We hope you find this as exciting as we do, it's really quite big for the UK BBQ scene,

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris D
Fantastic bit of kit

Having struggled for a couple of years with a Weber Smokey Joe for camping trips (seriously who designs a BBQ with intake vents ABOVE the coal bed?) I saw the PKGO on the Pro Smoke stand at Smoke and Fire festival and had to have it. The service from Pro Smoke couldn't have been better - endless questions from me were met with quick and detailed answers from Oliver and after a couple of cooks I can confirm I'm very happy with my purchase.

The grill grates are an essential add-on for me - I can't imagine cooking burgers any other way from now on. The included flip-kit means I can also serve vegetarians without any risk of cross contamination. All around winner!

Allan Carrick
Great Service

Great service as always from Prosmoke. The little PKGO is just what I needed for my little cooks. The extra bits that came with the order like the box of Pecan was just the cherry on the top

Michael Poole
Couldn’t help myself

Got the pk360 and was super impressed with the quality I had to get this as well.
This makes the perfect bbq for trips to the park or camping (when we are allowed) turning it into two grills so easy and convenient
Nothing but quality and again great service from the team. Thanks again

The Review from the Hill
Go on - you know you want to...

Confession time - until I asked the Facebook group “Countrywoodsmoke” for their views on portable / tabletop / hibachi style units I’d not heard of PK. I’m so glad I asked - the PKGO was one of the group suggestions, so I did a bit of research and pretty quickly pressed the “BUY” button. The unit arrived at 8am on the promised delivery date; 24 hours later I’m so impressed I’ve cut and uploaded my first ever YouTube review, which says far more than 1500 words ever can. I hope you find my review helpful, and if you can’t be bothered with any further research then just remember these few words; OK it’s quite a big initial outlay, but it will outlast you and the next generation. It’s great fun. You should probably buy it. Now.

Mike Nancollas

I always wanted a PK grill after seeing one on the American Air Force base in Bushy Park Teddington in the 1950’s. How delighted I was to find them on sale in the U.K. Prosmoke got it to me so quickly, tremendous service, ordered Friday night, delivered Tuesday morning. Product packing was so effective it took half an hour to get it open and set up. What a great build, heavy and built to withstand a nuclear bomb blast. damn the weather I wanted to use it right away, however I got out a belly of pork prepared it in the evening and today fired up the barbecue. An easy starter within 15 mins fire heated chamber and in went the meat. Turned it once and after 2 and a half hours it was cooked on indirect heat. Another 15 minutes skin down over remaining charcoal and oak left the crackling too good not to crack off and nibble, delicious meat, fantastic PKGO. So pleased to add it to my cooking experience. Economical with charcoal just an initial fill on one side with a lump of oak up against the coals. Should have used a drip tray but I live and learn. If you buy one you won’t be disappointed.