Pink butcher paper

Butcher paper will take your beef ribs, brisket and pork to the next level
Until now tin foil is the goto for wrapping meat during or just as it's leaving the stall (the point where the meat collagens start to melt away). This poses a few problems, it's pretty much air tight meaning that bark on the meat you've spent hours developing will go soggy and start to steam. Tin foil can also contain chemicals you dont want near your food.
In comes butcher paper, this will retain most the heat but allow the meat to breathe, while keeping plenty of moister, maintaining that lovely thick bark. That's not even mentioning its presentation properties, restaurant food really looks the part when presented on this paper.
This massive 150 foot roll will last you plenty of cooks and means you can be nice and generous when wrapping.
Want anymore proof of the wonders of pink butcher paper simply listen to the master of brisket himself Aaron Frankin, he has many youtube videos and a great book called the BBQ manifesto.
We also include the Pro-Smoke Pinterest link where you can find full instructions and ideas as to how to use this roll, join the BBQ revolution!