Mastering Flavour: Top 3 Tips using Wood Chips on you Grill

Wood chips smoking

Unlocking the full potential of wood chips on your grill doesn't have to be complicated. That’s why we’re giving you our top three tips to make the most of wood chips for a flavour packed grilling experience:


Tip 1. Choose Your Wood Wisely

The first step to grilling greatness is selecting the right wood chips for your dish. Each wood type imparts a unique flavour, so tailor your choice to complement the protein or vegetables you're cooking.

Our favourite blends are oak and cherry, which are a must for beef, lamb or game.


Tip 2. Master the Art of Soaking

To control the intensity of smokiness and ensure a slow, steady release of flavour, master the art of soaking your wood chips. Some people advise against this but soaking them in water before grilling prevents them from burning too quickly, creating a more controlled and even smoke. This allows you to finesse the flavour infusion process (fancy hey) and ensures your dishes are perfectly kissed with smokiness every time.


Tip 3. Control the Heat, Control the Flavour

Achieving the ideal balance of heat and smokiness is the key to grilling perfection. Control the temperature of your grill and adjust the quantity of wood chips accordingly. For a milder smoky flavour, use fewer chips, or increase the quantity for a bolder taste. This level of control allows you to customise the smokiness to suit your taste preferences.


In summary, the secret to using wood chips successfully lies in making informed choices. From selecting the right wood for your dish to mastering the soaking technique and controlling the heat, these three tips will set you on the path to becoming a wood chip master.

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