How Big Green Egg was hatched

In the world of outdoor cooking, few names command as much respect and admiration as the Big Green Egg. You don’t have to be a keen griller to recognise the design: it’s as its name suggests, a Big Green Egg!

Thanks to this design and versatility, it’s become an icon among grillers and cooking enthusiasts with fans like Tom Aikens, Sabrina Ghayour and Tom Kerridge.

But where did the EGG come from and what sets it apart from the competition? Here’s the ProSmoke guide.  

Origins of the EGG

In 1974, founder Ed Fisher started importing pinball machines from Japan to sell in his hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. But to give his business a summer boost (pinball machines apparently sell best before Christmas, who knew) he started shipping over Japanese kamado grills.

He started grilling chicken wings on the kamados at the front of his store to lure people in and their flavour proved so popular with the BBQ lovers of the Deep South that he gave up on arcade games and doubled down on the kamado business.

After becoming frustrated with the complexity of importing (we hear you Ed), he decided to build his own and the Big Green Egg was born. Or hatched…

What sets Big Green Egg apart from the competition?

Versatility: Whether you're grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, or even searing, the EGG can do it all. Its precise temperature control and superior heat retention make it possible to achieve a wide range of cooking techniques with consistent and delicious results.

Quality Construction: The Big Green Egg is built to last a lifetime, thanks primarily to high-quality ceramic materials (including patented NASA-grade ceramics, yes NASA-grade!). This means the EGG is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, so virtually indestructible when faced with UK weather.

Temperature Control: One of the key advantages of the Big Green Egg is its ability to maintain precise temperature control over long cooking sessions. Whether you're cooking low and slow or searing at high heat, the EGG’s patented airflow system allows you to dial in the perfect temperature with ease..

Flavour Enhancement: The ceramic construction not only provides superior heat retention but also imparts a unique smoky flavour to food that is unmatched by traditional grills and smokers, resulting in mouth-watering dishes that will impress even the most snooty food snobs.

Community and Culture: Leaving actual cooking behind for a second, the Big Green Egg has a great community of enthusiasts who share a passion for outdoor cooking. They’ve got a great selection of guides and recipes on their website, so whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a novice cook, there's always something new to learn and experience with the Big Green Egg.


Hopefully we’ve cracked the Big Green Egg open and you can see why it’s earned its place as the ultimate cooking tool for grillers and professional cooks alike. We’re proud to be a premier retailer for Big Green Egg in the UK, so if you want to find out more just get in touch.