Get Your BBQ Looking Fresh

After a hard day grilling in the sun, we know you don’t always want to spend time cleaning your BBQ. But here are some simple tips to give it the once over, so it’s ready for the next cook out.

Give It A Steam

Once your BBQ has started to cool down, cover the grill with newspaper soaked in water and close the lid. Leave it shut for 30 minutes to give it the steam treatment.

Bung It In The Dishwasher

This might not work for everyone, especially some of our Masterbuilt and PK Grills customers. But if you’ve got a fairly standard sized BBQ then running the hotplates and racks through your dishwasher while warm should give you good results.

Try Not To Cry

While your grill is still a little warm, pop an onion on a fork and rub over the hot bars. The water in the onion steam cleans them and removes stuck on food.

This Will Perk You Up

If you’ve got hard to remove food on your grill and utensils then try soaking them in coffee. The acid in the coffee should loosen up that tough dirt.


We’re not a fan of wasting a perfectly good beer but using half a bottle on a warm grill and scrubbing with newspaper or a wire brush does deliver good results. You can have the other half of that beer while you’re at it!

Brush Up

Sometimes the grill just needs a good old brush too. That's why we stock Grill Badger BBQ Brushes (restocking soon) and Grill Grate Brushes. Giving your grill a good scrubbing after a big cook is so satisfying and can make it easier to try a few of the tips above too.

The Outside Matters

It’s easy to get caught up in cleaning the inside but the outside of your BBQ is just as important. A good scrub with some hot soapy water will leave it looking sparkly and fresh, even if you might not feel it.

Heat It Up

When you’re finished cleaning, heat the BBQ up for 15 minutes at least. This makes sure any residual cleaning agents are burnt off, no one wants a soapy burger do they?

Hopefully that's given you a few handy hints to get your prized grill looking brand new after each cook! Roll on the summer and a lot of time to grill!