Grilling in Autumn

We know it’s tempting to pack the BBQ away now that the weather isn’t quite as warm but there are so many reasons why grilling in the Autumn can be just as fun as Summer. Here are some of our hints and tips to spice things up and keep grilling a bit longer.

Cool Air

Being stood in the cool air near a hot fire might just be one of the best things about Autumn in our eyes. It can actually be a little nicer than slaving away over a hot grill when the heat of the sun is beating down on you. As long as you’ve got protection from any pesky wind, wrap up and enjoy that primal heat.

Mix It Up

Autumn grills are a great excuse to try foods that aren’t suitable for hot summer days. Things oodles of potatoes, loads of root veggies and lots of meat! You can essentially cook your roast on the grill. Winner winner, roast for dinner!

Delicious Desserts

Another perfect food to try on the grill is a hot pud. A great one to get the family involved with is the American classic, s’mores. You just need marshmallows, crackers and chocolates. It’s a great one to the get the kids into as well, as long as they’re properly supervised of course.

Huddle Under

We completely get that grilling in the rain isn’t fun, especially if you’re trying to hold an umbrella. But if you’re a dedicated griller then now might be the time to build yourself a BBQ shack. We love huddling under ours to avoid the rain and there’s something really relaxing about grilling with the sound of rain hitting the roof.

So don’t pack that grill up just yet. Wait for a crisp Autumn day, pop the grill on and enjoy a different sort of BBQ. We promise you won’t regret it!