Pellet Grills vs Masterbuilt - The ‘’Set & Forget’’ Smoker Battle

We know that not everyone has hours to spend preparing fuel sources for their grill or smoker and then monitoring the cook over hours to maintain the perfect temperature. Sometimes you just need to set and forget, so you can get on with other things. We get it!

And we get why that means some people turn to the very well marketed pellet grills. They’re easier to get going and can add some nice flavour to your meats (if you work them hard enough) but they come with a few cons.

But before we get into them, lets be clear of one thing! Cooking outside on anything is classed as BBQ in our eyes. If a pellet grill is the gateway drug that sets you on a journey of wood fired cooking and becoming the pit master of your family, then we are all in!

Here at ProSmoke we get invited to many events and get to cook on absolutely everything in the game, and sometimes, there’s a better way to do things, and that better way might actually save you some money while getting you better results.

So here’s why you need to abandon the pellet grill and move towards the Masterbuilt. Particularly their Gravity Series.


Pellet Grills

The cons of a pellet grill are:

  • They’re pretty expensive to buy and can be pricey to fuel long-term.
  • If you don’t use them regularly then they can be prone to blocking, which means a lot of time spent cleaning and fixing after (or before) each cook.
  • They often have over-complicated ash and grease management systems. Part of the reason why they can get blocked, and this extra steel, adds to the cost.
  • They struggle to give you that perfect seared steak, and you're often restricted to searing right over the pellet igniter pot. Or over an expensive induction hob mounted on the side shelf.
  • They offer low to nearly zero smoke flavour. Depending on your pellets, you can add some flavour but it takes a lot of work.



Enter Masterbuilt Gravity Series! The ultimate set and forget grill and smoker. Here’s why this is the perfect alternative to the traditional pellet grill:

  • They run on any charcoal fuel or hardwood or both. Available pretty much anywhere.
  • They’re don’t cost as much to run.
  • They’re incredibly well built and don’t have any moving parts or fuel feeders that can get blocked or broken.
  • You can sear across the full surface of the grill, so plenty of space for searing the perfect steak or steaks!
  • The depth of flavour you get with the Gravity Series is far superior. The offset fire and forced air draft fan system means clean blue smoke, great bark and a deep smoke ring on your food. 
  • The Masterbuilt app means you can monitor your grill from your phone, which is the ultimate convenience when you’re super busy. What more could you want?

So if you’re looking for a set and forget grill that’ll treat you to countless perfect cooks throughout the year then it needs to be a Masterbuilt.

And  remember this, every BBQ journey ends with an offset smoker, but that’s a conversation for another time……