Black Friday 2023 at ProSmoke

Well we've blinked and the end of the year is nearly here. But that's ok because we're heading towards Black Friday, which means some tasty deals!

Make sure you're following us on Instagram because we'll be dropping deals every hour on Friday. We're going to keep them a surprise but here's a little sneaky peak at what might be available...

PK 360 in Silver

PK Grills

Nothing grills better than a PK Grill. Their cast aluminium shell has excellent heat retention, durability and lightweight design. And their unique oval shape means they can smoke as well as any kettle or ceramic, if not better!  

Check out PK Grills.

Collection of 3 Franklin Rubs and 3 Franklin Sauces

Franklin Rubs and Sauces

We're obsessed with bringing the taste of Texas to the UK and there's not much that does it better than Franklin Rubs and Sauces. Developed by Aaron Franklin himself they're guaranteed to bring a perfect blend of flavour for every occasion.

Check out Franklin Barbecue.

Butcher paper roll covered in the ProSmoke logo and piece of paper with a fold in the top left corner.

Butcher Paper

If you want to take your grills to the next level then you need butcher paper. Apart from providing restaurant level presentation, it'll retain heat but allow your meat to breathe and maintain that lovely thick bark.

Check out Butcher Paper.

Hopefully that's wetted your appetite for what could be to come this Black Friday!