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Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560

Masterbuilt 560 - The Blade Runner of BBQ 


  • The ultimate set and forget BBQ/Grill/Smoker
  • Gas / Pellet cooker convenience, now with lump wood charcoal 
  • Equipped with a digital fan for perfect temperature control
  • Simply fill with charcoal, light, set the required temperature on the control panel and cook, it's really that easy!
  • 560 total square inches of cooking space
  • 1 year warranty supported by ProSmoke BBQ and Masterbuilt. We are the ONLY platinum dealer of this unit in the UK. We handle support and warranty in partnership with Masterbuilt, so you're not on your own after purchasing. This is a very important thing to consider when price comparing. Read more by clicking here
  • We buy all our stock factory direct. This means you get the latest edition of this cooker. All have the new switches, charcoal grate, porcelain lined charcoal chamber and latest software. 
  • Keep scrolling for the amazing feature list

Standard bundle:

1 x Pack of wood chunks / chips
1 x Bag of Charcoal - Big K Restaurant grade 15kg
1 x 20ft Roll Of Butcher Paper
1 x Sample pack of fire starters Bundle RRP £69.99

Ultimate Essential Bundle
2 x Bags of Big K restaurant grade charcoal (30kg) total
1 x pack of NEW Eco-firestarters - specifically designed for the gravity series
New BIG 10kg box of 10'' wood splits
Masterbuilt outdoor cover ProSmoke manifold cover with drip pan holders
All purpose Salt and pepper BBQ seasoning
1 x 20ft sample roll of butcher paper

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit
Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit
Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit
Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit
Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit
Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Rotisserie Kit



Save 25% on the Masterbuilt rotisserie with any Gravity series purchase. Hit the ''add to cart'' button and the discount will be applied at checkout. 

- Price match depending on location
- Custom bundles on request
- In-store discounts available on collection orders

Scroll Down For All The Features 

The MasterBuilt Gravity Series

With the Gravity Series™ 560 Charcoal Grill, you can smoke, grill, sear, bake, roast and so much more.
Set the temperature on the digital control panel, or your smart device, and the DigitalFan™ will maintain the desired cooking temperature for hours.
The GravityFed™ charcoal hopper holds over 12 hours of charcoal, and gravity ensures you have constant fuel to the fire.
The reversible cast-iron grates are perfect for smoking or searing, and in just 13 minutes this grill can reach 700°F. Master the art of charcoal grilling and smoking with Masterbuilt.

product image


With the push of a button, the digitally controlled fan moves air flow from the hopper to the cooking chamber, and maintains desired cooking temperature until you change the thermostat. 


Redefine charcoal cooking with the GravityFed™ Hopper that holds 12+ hours of fuel using lump or briquette charcoal. No need to remove charcoal after each use.
Wood chunks or chips can be loaded into the hopper or ash buckets for extra smoke flavour.

product image

feed a couple, or
a crowd

Huge Cooking Capacity

product image


Full WIFI compatibility, program and manage your cooks from anywhere using your smart device.
The Masterbuilt software on this unit will be updated with more features and tools via over the air updates in the future, it's possibilities are endless.

Exclusive Gear Only Available From ProSmoke BBQ 

Stainless Steel Manifold Kit

Some modifications are needed, others are not. Here at ProSmoke we only make the upgrades that are really needed.

This stainless steel cover kit that we designed sits on the existing heat manifold in the cooking chamber. The Masterbuilt heat manifold is the box that sits in the bottom of the BBQ that supplies the main chamber with heat.

This cover sits on the existing manifold and catches all the drippings, it safely channels the cooking oils and grease over the ends, reducing flare ups. Its dishwasher safe and makes clean up of your Masterbuilt a breeze.

We also ship these handy feet with the cover that mount on top, this enables you to place a disposable drip pan to catch all the meat drippings when slow cooking.  

product image


 customer image

John McLemore

Masterbuilt founder

“People love cooking with charcoal because they know it produces the best-tasting food, but they don’t love the intimidation factor and the hassle,” 
“We took our experience from the past four decades and put it into a digital-controlled charcoal grill that smokes, barbecues, and grills with precision while producing phenomenal taste.”

 customer image

Oliver Giles

ProSmoke BBQ CEO

'''We were made aware of the masterbuilt gravity fed by one of our disabled customers, he was saying that it enabled him to cook with charcoal, but have full control  of the cook with the phone app.
My first thoughts were this cooker is a game changer in BBQ, it brings the convenience of pellet smoking, but keeps the authentic cooking style of charcoal, plus enables you to get much better smoke profiles than a pellet cooker.
With our range of smoking wood chunks and chips, we can offer a really unique package for the customer''

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason Hughes
The masterbuilt 560 is the bomb!

Wow, the Masterbuilt 560 is the bomb, super easy to use. It’ll take around 2 hours to assemble, and then you’re good to go!
Only 14 days in and already smoked a 4kg Brisket, chicken legs, baby back ribs, and even cold smoked two batches of home made sausages.
Excellent digital app, so you can check in on cooking temperature and meat temperatures from your phone and make adjustments when needed.

Alan Newton
Jack of all trades, and masterbuilt of alll.

I was unsure I would like the masterbuilt, and wasn’t sure what I wanted to upgrade to from a Smokey mountain and kettle combo. I was thinking PK360 or masterbuilt. After speaking with Oliver I placed my order for the masterbuilt. Oliver was friendly, impartial and full of great advice.
Putting the MB560 together was straightforward enough, and instructions clear.
After seasoning the MB I smoked a shoulder of lamb - which shredded really well.
So far I have only smoked lamb and roasted chicken all have turned out better than I thought. I have not seared anything yet, as I have a PKgo for all my steak and burger needs.

Scott Macaulay
Amazing bbq - a revelation in bbq cooking

Love it!! A couple of hours to build, but nothing too complicated or taxing. Once built it was very easy to light and gets up to temp very quickly ready for cooking - esp when compared to a traditional charcoal bbq. I’ve cooked a beef brisket and a rack of ribs and love the results - not perfect, but that was down to the chef, not the Masterbuilt, which performed flawlessly. We did have an issue with one of the safety switches, but it was replaced very quickly by ProSmoke with no hassle at all. Overall very satisfied with the Masterbuilt and the service received from ProSmoke.

Very Happy

All I need for now, replaced old offset, and gas bbq with this👍

John Dawson
Best BBQ and Best Service

I'm really happy with my purchase and have done a few great cooks within the first week. It's straightforward to use and makes great BBQ quite simple!