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Mesquite, Maple and Hickory Large Wood Chips
Mesquite, Maple and Hickory Large Wood Chips
BBQ Wood Chips
BBQ Wood Chips (Hickory, Maple & Mesquite)

BBQ Wood Chips (Hickory, Maple & Mesquite)


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    • Clean and mould free chips
    • Weighs approximately 2.2kg 
    • Smoke all meats
    • No additives
    • Bigger than your normal chip, perfect for ceramic cookers, kettle barbecues, PK grills & gravity fed smokers 
    • Chips will give you clean smoke every time
    • Mix flavours of wood for different results 

    Our chips are clean and dry for perfect smoke flavour every time no matter your chosen method.
    We use them for virtually every cook and find they're the most versatile method for adding smoke. You should always use smoking wood in the same way you use seasoning on your food, as a little goes a long way. 

    Tips and tricks
    Ceramic cookers like the Kamado joe, Big green egg, Monolith etc run on very slow airflow, you may find this too slow to fully ignite and burn wood chunks efficiently, this is where chips are useful, We recommend you try scattering them through your lump wood before you light your BBQ. This will give you a slow release of clean blue smoke throughout the cook, as your lump wood burns it will ignite the chips over time, at no point should you see dirty white smoke. 
    This method also works well on the PK grills, and kettle BBQ's

    Masterbuilt gravity series customers
    Simply add a few handfuls to the charcoal hopper for longer smokes, the wood chips will scatter themselves through the coals and provide smoke for long cooks.
    If you are grilling or making pizza where you need some quick immediate smoke, add a handful to the ash pan, as the coals fall they will light the chips right away. 

    Mesquite: If you want to create a super-smoky flavour, opt for mesquite wood. When used in moderation, it works well with strongly flavoured meats, like beef or lamb. 
    Recommended recipes: mesquite-smoked Beer Can Chicken, Mesquite-Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs and Mesquite-Smoked Turkey With Peach Glaze.

    Hickory: Thanks to its sweet, yet strong flavour, Hickory is a popular choice for creating traditional BBQ flavours.
    Recommended recipes: Hickory Pulled Pork, Hickory-Smoked Grilled Salmon and Hickory-Smoked Beef Brisket.

    Maple: It has a mild and subtly sweet flavour. It is the one wood that we recommend pairing with smoking vegetables. Maple wood is also good for poultry and small game birds.
    Recommended recipes: Smoked Maple Chipotle Chicken Breast.


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