Commercial BBQ's & Smokers

Pro Smoke BBQ Logistics

ProSmoke BBQ Logistics can import anything from anywhere, also export to any destination.
We've quickly become the goto for commercial operations from around the world.
Using ours, and our smoker builders expertise we can spec the right equipment whatever your requirements. Our full range of imports from smoker, to wood to butcher paper makes us the ultimate solution. 

Most importantly we hand pick the pit builders we work with. The local fabricator that takes time out of his day to build smokers, is not what we would look at placing in your commercial operation. 

A correctly built smoker will cook food quickly, efficiently and most importantly save on fuel. 
Below you will find some of our past projects and builders we work with,

Primitive Pits

We currently work with Primitive pits handling their logistics outside of the USA. To date we have exported their smokers to Australia, UK, Germany and the middle east.
These primitive pits come in 250, 500 and 1000 gallon and are considered the best catering smokers money can buy. They are used by many of the top restaurants around the world and our main commercial smoker that we import to the UK.

Primitive Pits Smokers full range HERE


Big Dons Smoked Meats

Big Dons is one of Australia's biggest Texas themed smoking operations.
Don produces some amazing looking food and all meats are cooked on his Primitive Pits exported across the world by us here at ProSmoke.

Twin 1000 gallon smokers in place and ready, plus Don has 2 more on the way.

Buffalo Beer - Italy with a trailer mounted 1000 gallon Primitive Pit

Hank BBQ London - Shirley Fabrication Reverse Flow Patio Model

The Lobster Truck In France are Now M & M Company smoker owners

ProSmoke Logistics' are now importing all things M & M BBQ company, this includes the Goldees offset smoker heading here in 2024.
ProSmoke Logistics' were able to source a 20ft container instead of a 40ft to save the customer some shipping fees. 

M and M BBQ company take BBQ innovation a stage further with their complex baffle and intake systems. 

Lone Star Grill Cabinet Smoker -

Linsey Welding Services in the USA are new to ProSmoke but producing some amazing smokers and firepits heading to Daltons Canteen

Shirley 250 Gallon Smoker - ProSmoke BBQ Texas Masterclasses & Catering 


Examples of services we offer, for various scenarios:

- BBQ is your hobby and you absolutely want that offset smoker from the USA, simply email us, we make contact with your supplier and arrange everything from freight, export documentation, to import clearance and VAT.
You pay one price to get it to your door. 

- You're a BBQ catering company that want to import a 1000 gallon primitive pits offset smoker, Lone star grillz cabinet smoker, whatever. You're VAT registered but don't know what's required from a tax point of view to import, we can handle all this, you pay one price and we help you claim the VAT back when it lands here in the UK. 

- Located outside the UK but still in Europe, no problems, we can ship direct to you from the supplier, we don't need to ever see the item, but can handle the paperwork and payment.

Our service also includes paying the foreign currency to the supplier, you can pay us GBP, we then convert and pay the charge in the local currency through our broker. 

All items are covered by our ''goods in transit'' insurance, if there is damage or loss at any point of the chain you're covered for the full amount. 

Here's an example of cost involved:
The smoker you're looking at is $3,000.00.
We first convert that back to GBP, the rate is variable but as an example lets us an exchange rate of 1.20, that means we perform the following calculation:
3,000 / 1.2 = £2,500
something like a cabinet smoker sits nicely on 1 pallet, but is over 1m high, so shipping for a 1 off import could be around £790.
£2,500 + £790 = £3,290.00 Ex VAT
If you are an individual and not a company we then need to add 20% to this figure, anything coming into the UK for sale must have 20% VAT added (unless you are limited company that can claim this item as a company assets, in which case you pay the Ex VAT price)
£3,290.00 + 20% = £3,948.00

That $3,000 smoker could cost you around £4,000.00 once landed.
These workings are obviously a moving target, but give you an idea of what's involved, we can quote these figures on the fly if needed.


Other Smokers we have imported


Ole Hickory CTO

Considered the Rolls Royce in BBQ catering, these fully stainless steel gas assisted Ole Hickory smokers are the best money can buy.
Please be aware Ole Hickory require full payment up front and the builld time is currently 3 months + 6 weeks for sea shipping. 
This CTO model will cost you in the region of 11-13k ex VAT depending on spec. 



Franklin Barbecue Pits

We're big fans of the offset smoker thanks to Aaron Franklin. From the first read of his book 'Meat Smoking Manifesto'' we were hooked.
We've been fortunate enough to secure one of his pits from the first production run, this won't be for sale, but you will be able to see it in use at any of our demo's, social media and shop. 
If do you manage to get one of Aarons smokers offered to you from their pre-order list, we can help you import it, as we are now logistic partners with Franklin BBQ pits.



Shirley Fabrication

We now stock the patio reverse flow models by Shirley fabrication.They are the best reverse flow smokers money can buy, the quality of craftsmanship is unmatched.
We also handle their European logistics, we recently imported a custom 16ft long trailer BBQ rig for them.
They are virtually identical to the smokers seen on the Netflix TV show barbecue show down. 
Click here to buy the Shirley reverse flow smoker 

Please email any import requests to

We can also offer bespoke catering trailers built out of our Cactus Jack factory in Italy, build and delivery time is much quicker than USA imports. 
Here are some below:



These can be fitted with a range of options like, Santa Maria grills, gas burners, log storage racks, electric, fryers etc. 

Alto Shaam hot holders