BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks on Coal Fire
BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks
BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks
BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks
Wood Chunks Burning on Charcoal Grill
Cherry Wood Chunks for Smoking Food
Barbecue Smoked Whole Chicken
Smoking Wood Oak Chunks For a BBQ
BBQ Wood Chunks on Top of Coal
Holding American Flavour Wood Chunks
The Best BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks That Burn Clean Every Time
BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks
BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks
BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

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The Best BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks That Burn Clean Every Time

American BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks back in stock, thanks to our friends at Kamado joe!

  • Each bag of HickoryPecan, Maple, Oak & Apple ships in a burlap bag and weighs around 4.5kg.
  • Each box of Cherry ships 23cm x 23cm x 23cm box contains approximately 6 Litres of wood (5-6KG). The weight varies depending on the type of wood you buy. This usually amounts to 15-20 pieces of wood. 
  • Each box of Post Oak chunks ships in a 7.5kg box, with approximately 25 fist sized chunks inside. Very limited stock.

We've been smoking with BBQ wood chunks for many years and feel you should use smoke like you use salt and pepper on your food, sparingly! Read this description carefully. We will take you through how to get the best results and the most for your money.
Our chunks are kiln-dried to an optimum moisture level, this means they will burn at lower temperatures. Wet chunks will be very hard to get a clean burn, so we do not recommend you soak them before use.
If you're looking to use these chunks as a fuel source for your offset smoker, these chunks are not for you. These chunks are for the gentle flavouring of food, where your primary fuel source is either charcoal or wood splits. Using this bag of wood as a fuel source would only last you about 2 hours.

Blue Smoke And Smoke Flavour Explained

Your top priority when smoking food is ''clean smoke''. This means the wood is burning at the correct temperature to release all those tasty vapours locked in that wood chunk, that's what you want to flavour your food. The way we determine if this is happening, is a thin slightly blue smoke coming from your BBQ vent. If this is happening you know your wood chunk is dry (properly seasoned), airflow through your cooker is good, and your food will come out with that subtle hint of smoke flavour.
Good smoking temperatures range from 250F to 320F. If you're seeing puffy thick white smoke you won't get the proper flavour on your food. This smoke tastes harsh and bitter, if this happens check the following:
  • Is your smoker getting enough airflow and you're not running very low temperatures
  • Did you soak your wood in water beforehand (we don't recommend this)
  • Is the chunk size too big for your cooker


    How To Use Wood Chunks

    The best way to use chunks is sparing. These fist-sized chunks should be split in half, then layered into the charcoal on a Weber kettle, or offset smoker. However, ceramic BBQs like kamados normally like quarter size chunks, due to their slower airflow.


    We also recommend 1 sweet 1 savoury chunk, like hickory or pecan chunk with a maple chunk. This increases the smoke profile and adds an extra layer of flavour.
    Even when you're grilling food, why not throw a large chunk in the corner. Hence, this will smoke away for hours and gently flavour your food.
    During long smokes, on bullet smokers, we recommend up to 4 half chunks scattered through the fuel, or refuelling every few hours.

This wood creates a sweet, yet strong flavour, the smoke can be pungent, but it adds a nice, strong flavour to just about all meat cuts. Hoever, it’s especially popular with pork and beef.

This wood is stronger than most fruitwoods but milder than hickory and mesquite. Pecan is ideal when smoking poultry and fish as it adds a bit more kick than cherry and apple, but won't over smoke.

The perfect complement to any other of the chunks listed, a light sweet smoke very similar to apple or cherry. It works well with chicken and pork. 

Post Oak
We've managed to get a limited supply of this wood from our US wood chunk supplier. It's the original brisket wood made famous by the likes of Aaron Franklin and Texas BBQ. If American style brisket is your aim, this is the wood for you. 

Much the same as Maple this is a nice addition to any of the stronger woods, it will also provide a red colour to all food smoked with it. We've had excellent results with all poultry especially duck. In our opinion its king of the fruit woods!

English Oak
With an almost identical flavour profile as post Oak (same family of Oak) this English oak is our personal favourite in BBQ smoking, pairing well with all foods, especially beef (brisket) , pork and chicken.
The blue smoke from Oak burning is unmistakable, and a must for any BBQ smoking woods collection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David Andrews
Pecan wood chunks

Good fist sized chunks , right size for my WSM , as per normal great service and delivery from Pro-smoke

mark s
Oak chunks


Mr Andrew J Bird
Oak wood chunks

I received a bag of Oak wood chunks, in a timely manner, good communication and packaged well. Arrived on time.

Nick Rolfe
Great wood - break it down though!

Really good post oak chunks, just remember to break them down into smaller chunks if you’re using a gravity grill & putting wood in the hopper! Otherwise a whole massive chunk can cause your temperature to spike. Definitely recommend these though, good amount of wood for the money 👍

Jason Wojtyla
Wood chunks

The quality and service of this company is second to none. They seem a problem with my order and contacted me to verify if what I ordered was correct.
Knowing I made a mistake They quickly sorted the order and shipped. Quality service would highly recommend