BlackFire Indiana 16''


Wood fire cooking is our passion here at ProSmoke BBQ, and we know the cost of a heavy duty offset is often a stumbling block for most people, this leads to purchasing inferior smokers that need lots of modification to run, and due to the poor heat retention, people often get disheartened with offset cooking.
But the 16'' Blackfire Indiana is the perfect offset smoker to get you going in the world of wood fire cooking.
The Blackfire is an exclusive unit to us at Prosmoke BBQ, made in the same factory as the Cactus Jack smokers, so expect all the same quality.  

This is a heavy duty unit built in 3mm steel all round, with 5mm steel end caps on the barrels, heat retention on this is not that of a cactus jack, but is much superior to many offsets found in chain stores. 

Cool touch wooden handles and chrome plated grates mean this offset is built to last. 
It comes in one large box on a pallet for easy shipping, but we do suggest you have an extra pair of hands when assembling, it weighs s90kg.

As with all our offset smokers, we're always here to upgrade you should you outgrow your unit, we have various trade in/up deals always available. 

Foot print: 120cm x 40xm x 90cm
Grill Size: 70cm x 40cm