Cactus Jack 20inch Offset Smoker - Texas Special

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Texas BBQ Now Available In The UK

ProSmoke BBQ is excited to announce the next level of offset smoking,
the Cactus Jack Texas special. 

Inspired by Texas BBQ, this extra-large Cactus Jack 20inch Texas Special Offset Smoker  smoker was built with high-flow efficient cooking at the forefront.
With its insulated firebox, this smoker gets hot and stays hot, as well as cooking evenly end to end of the cook chamber. 
Authentic Texas cooking doesn't get any easier, simply light a small hot fire, establish a coal bed and fuel it with 10'' wood splits.

  • Built from 6mm steel
  • 20'' diameter cook chamber
  • Pullout upper shelves 
  • Twin thermometers 
  • Digital probe port
  • Fully insulated firebox
  • Extra-large chimney with grate level collector
  • High-temperature powder-coated finish
  • Heat control door, no air inlet vent  
  • 20'' wagon wheels for easy movement
  • New deeper front shelf
  • Drip bucket and ash scraper
  • Free UK shipping

Outside Dimensions of Cactus Jack 20inch Texas Special Offset Smoker 
230cm Long
90cm Deep 
170cm High

Cooking Area
Bottom shelf - 119cm wide  x 50cm deep
Top rack - 33cm deep x 50cm wide (x2)
Total cooking area: 5950cm (2,342 inches)

Weight 280kg

Cactus Jack Offset Smokers

Cactus Jack offset smokers have been around for over 20 years and were the original premium wood fired offset in Europe, licensed from the smokers seen in southern Texas in the early 90's.
These heavy duty units are quality from start to finish, they really are a lifetime smoker with lots of cooking options and accessories. 
The Texas special smoker was inspired by the likes of Franklin Barbecue, Primitive pits and all the new style smokers now seen in central Texas.
Built for high flow, high convection BBQ.

product image

Heavy Duty Construction

If there's one thing you want from an offset smoker, it's thick steel walls. This is the single most important thing, a thick walled offset smoker will run at an easy consistent temperature once it's heated.
Cheap offset smokers with thin walls, will loose heat faster than your fire can supply heat, and become impossible to run and manage a consistent fire. 
A steady heat running through a well built smoker like ours, will cook food faster and better.
Heat fluctuations will have you frustrated and forever running late on cooks, the better the smoker the easier it is to use.
Our Cactus Jack Texas offset is built in 6mm steel all round, and weighs in excess of 220 kg.
A true lifetime BBQ smoker.

High Flow Cooking

The Cactus Jack Texas runs as a traditional flow smoker, but has a grill grate level chimney stack.
This technology first seen on Mil Scale and Franklin Barbecue smokers, has now been adopted by many pit builders. 
This configuration means you can move air and smoke very quickly and evenly across the food grate. As the air moves through it swirls around the cylinder creating extremely even temperatures left to right and eliminating hot and cold spots. 

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Built By Cactus Jack, Tuned By ProSmoke BBQ

We've been using these smokers for years, and helped develop this ''Pro smoke'' version of the Cactus Jack you see now.
We decided the smoker needed to run just a bit hotter and draft faster,  much like the American smokers we imported and tested. 
The engineers tweaked the existing design and knocked it out the park, these smokers draft, cook and run better than any offset on the market, its the best offset smoker in Europe.  
All ''Pro Smoke'' versions of the Cactus Jack come per-installed with the ProSmoke BBQ thermometer for easy identification, they are only available from us here in the UK. 

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Smoke Stack Collector

The smoke stack collector has various functions. Firstly it creates an exit for the hot air from the smoker that reaches front to back of the barrel, this means the smoke is drawn evenly across the grill grate as it exits the chimney.

The collector also creates extra draw, moving air in and out of the smoker very quickly, this gives you the ability to add lots of colour and clean smoke to your food. 

Insulated Firebox For Maximum Efficiency

Insulated fireboxes consist of 2 layers of steel with ceramic fibre insulation packed into the middle, much like an indoor log burner.
They are extremely fuel efficient and help you keep a good coal bed, the coal bed is the made from burnt down wood that's turned to embers, these are the engine of your smoker, with the log on top providing the flavour through smoke.
We can run these smokers on the coldest winters day on 10'' wood splits, just 2-4 per hour with good fire management!
Due to the insulation properties, running a fire is made much easier, your logs will combust quickly and your smoker will take much longer to cool down, giving you even heat distribution in the cook chamber at the same time.

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Pull-Out Top Cooking Racks

These top pull-out racks give you lots of flexibility, they run about 10-15 degrees hotter than the main cooking area creating a perfect shelf for hot and fast food like poultry or ribs.

They can be fully removed if you require more space for larger cuts of meat below.

product image
product image

All Our Smokers Have the Following Features

All units now ship with:

- Vulcanized rubber wrapped wheels, these will not damage your patio like older style wagon wheels.
- Rubber feet covers
- Front shelf
- 1 x High flow chimney
- Chimney damper
- Cool touch wooden handles
- Handle for wheeling the smoker
- Grease drain and bucket
- Ash bucket

product image

Firebox Grilling

Fancy a mid cook steak ?
The slide out top shelves fits perfectly in the firebox, this means you can cook closely over the embers despite not having a top firebox door.
Particularity useful when catering, you can cook a surprising amount of food this way.

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Worldwide Shipping

Our logistics company ''ProSmoke BBQ Outdoor logistics'' can get anything anywhere!
End users or dealers wanting to get hold of a Cactus Jack ''ProSmoke Edition'' just need to drop us an email, we will get you setup:

Our Take On Purchasing An Offset

 Offset wood fired cooking is without a doubt the most satisfying cooking style to master, the flavour profiles you're able to impart to your food are very unique, no charcoal, pellet or gas cooker can match the same taste.
Being that an offset is such a big purchase we're here every step of the way to advise you on what model would suit you best. 
Plus the journey doesn't end there, lets say a year down the line you want to upgrade or downgrade based on your usage of the cooker, no problems, we are always willing to trade in/up or down your smoker, at no point are you on your own, buy, sell and forget is NOT what we're about.
Come and join our ever growing Cactus Jack family.


 customer image

Markus Zimmerman

Cactus Jack CEO

When we started Cactus Jack over 20 years ago, we knew offset smoking would be popular, it takes BBQ back to its routes and creates a very special cooking experience for your friends and family. 
We're delighted to be working with Prosmoke BBQ in the UK, they very much have their ear to the ground on all the latest cooking techniques, BBQ gadgets and what people want, we adapt and support them anyway we can.This new Cactus Jack Texas is hat the market wanted so we built it with our own unique spin.
Its perfect for backyard or even small to medium catering operations

 customer image

Oliver Giles

ProSmoke BBQ CEO

I spent years trying to find an offset smoker to offer our customers.
We thought we could make a cheaper lightweight model work by upgrading the chimney and modifying the fire box, but none of them worked well and on wood splits alone, they all need a charcoal base to keep going and the temperature swings when cooking were wild.
We then found the Cactus jack offset, overnight we knew we had a great product, it just needed some minor modifications.

The Cactus Jack Texas came at the perfect time, until now we were importing American made smokers of this style, but these were costing the customer  around £5.5k. Now with this unit we can offer high flow low and slow, just like the Workhorse and Franklin Pits.

 customer image

Wilsons BBQ

Pit Master and Food Blogger

I've cooked on all the Cactus Jack smokers and they have been great for me at home and for my BBQ business.
But now with the Cactus Jack Texas, ProSmoke have something really special, nowhere in the UK can you get this type of smoker in this size. It's the perfect fit to the range and a nice alternative to expensive US import smokers.

Warrenty and Support

money-back icon

All Cactus Jack smokers come with a lifetime warranty, plus you're covered with our full product and public liability insurance.
We are not a one man band fabricator that will build you a smoker one year, and be gone the next! we are here to stay and support you with anything you need for your smoker.
Paint is not guaranteed, due to the extreme heats your smoker will see, this will fade overtime, but there's information in your Cactus Jack guide that will assist you in looking after your smoker going forward.
These smokers are made from industrial pipe, simply because it's very good quality steel and most importantly, very thick. But this does mean there mybe minor imperfections on the steel, and even part number markings. Every effort is made, to make sure these markings are not seen on the front of the unit. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Hopkins
Easy to use and fantastic results

I have used the Texas Special over a dozen times since purchasing it from Prosmoke (who are a pleasure to do business with - from the pre-purchase advice, to the purchase, delivery and post-purchase support). It takes a little while to get used to, but I can now maintain steady and consistent temperatures for several hours. The food is fantastic, and it feels like it is bombproof and will probably end up being a family heirloom! It is a big purchase, but if you enjoy smoking bbq, it is worth it.

Neil Cleland
Texas edition

Wow. What a beast. This is my first smoker so cannot advise how this compares with others but this think is solid. Did my first cook today ( pulled pork) and it came out amazing. Wasn't expecting it to be this good straight off the bat. I struggled with temps in the near freezing conditions even though it has an insulated firebox. I was adding splits nearly every 5 minutes. Not sure if this was down to the low ambient temperature or me being a novice, but if I had gone for a cheaper/ thinner metal smoker I think I would have been cooking this thing for 3 days!!! Pro Smoke are very helpful and I even had replies to my e-mails over the weekend. Delivery was on the arranged day so I could make sure I was home and even the delivery driver was more helpful than I expected. I have ordered a cover but due to delays have not received yet, but will update when I have. If you are thinking of getting into offset smoking, give Pro Smoke a shout. You definitely won't regret it. I know I have only had 1 cook so far, but highly recommend the Texas edition. It far exceeded my expectations.