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Grill Badger BBQ Brush
Grill Badger BBQ Brush
Grill Badger BBQ Brush With Plant Fibre Bristles
Grill Badger BBQ Brush With Metal Scraper
Grill Badger BBQ Brush on a Masterbuilt Smoker
Grill Badger BBQ Cleaning Brush

Grill Badger BBQ Brush

Good For Your Grill, Good For You, Good For The Planet


 Safer for you and your family

All grill brushes wear out. When a metal grill brush wears out where do you think the bristles go? They could end up on the grill and in your food. Metal bristles are a potential danger to your health and safety. There is an alternative.

GRILLBADGER™ bristles are made from natural plant fibres. Any bristles that shed just fall off and burn up. Clean your grill with confidence, knowing you are safer because our brush has no metal bristles.

Love your food, love your grill.

Better for your grill
Palmyra bristles are strong, durable, and heat resistant. They're suitable for warm to hot surfaces, just avoid the flames.

They're tough enough to clean your grill but also gentler than metal bristles on your grill grates which is important especially for porcelain-coated grates.

Our bristles are longer than metal bristles so they clean deeper between the grates. They absorb oils as you clean and become seasoned. This will help your grill surface stay seasoned too.

Good for the planet
We care about a clean grill AND the planet that's why we made the GRILLBADGER™ from biodegradable materials. We made it with no plastic parts and the metal scraper can be recycled. The handles are wood from trees that have spent their life making rubber and the bristles are made from renewable palmyra fibres.

40cm x 5cm x 4cm


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    Michael Thompson
    This will last a while

    Having, some times, gone through multiple hardware store cleaning brushes a year I don't think I will be needing to look for another one for some time now that I have this.

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