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ProSmoke Gravity Series Griddle Kit
ProSmoke Gravity Series Griddle Kit
ProSmoke Gravity Series Griddle Kit

ProSmoke Gravity Series Griddle Kit

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    Upgrade Your 560 & 1050 Gravity Series Smoker

    Exclusive to ProSmoke BBQ - The UK's leading Masterbuilt Dealer

    The most requested modification is here! A griddle for the Masterbuilt 560 and 1050.
    Just like the Masterbuilt 800 this kit consists of a griddle and upgraded heat manifold.

    • 5mm carbon steel griddle (unseasoned)
    • 1 piece griddle for the 560, 2 piece for the 1050
    • Additional custom-built steel manifold for directional heat
    • UK made
    • ProSmoke approved

    The real trick with this kit is the heat manifold we include, it has one large hole in the top that's designed to direct heat straight up and underneath the steel griddle, this will get extremely hot and cook all your favourite griddle dishes like, hot dogs, smash burgers, fry ups and much more.

    Always use the griddle plate and manifold together, this will ensure you get maximum heat into the steel griddle plate.
    We recommend you install the griddle plate with an equal gap on each side, this will mean the heat will pass up either side of the plate, giving you even heat distribution.
    The temperature probe for the gravity series is mounted on the left-hand side of the cooking chamber, if there is no gap on the left side, the plate will stop the heat from getting to the temperature probe and give you incorrect temperature readouts. 
    When cooking with a hot plate we advise you cook with the Masterbuilt lid shut as much as you can, this will maximize your fuel usage and keep the griddle plate as hot as possible.

    Seasoning your griddle is the most important step for long-lasting performance. Your aim is to apply thin layers of oil to the hot griddle, burning it on between applications.
    We recommend you follow this application several times until the colour of the griddle darkens. 

    1) Wash your griddle plate with hot water and washing up liquid to clean it fully before use. Make sure you dry it right away to avoid rusting. 

    2) Install your kit as above, and run your Masterbuilt upto maximum temperature for 15 minutes with the lid closed to get it hot.

    3) Use a paper towel dipped in a good quality oil (olive or canola) and wipe over the hot griddle. Leave to burn in for 5 minutes with the lid down and repeat several times.

    Your griddle is now ready to cook on. We also advise coating your heat manifold with oil before and after use, but only when it's cool.
    Do not use the griddle manifold without the griddle.

    Any modification to your Masterbuilt cooker may void the warranty with the manufacturer.

    This kit will superheat your cooking chamber, if your BBQ has leftover grease buildup you risk a great fire, make sure you have cleaned any large deposits of fat off before use. 

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