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Oklahoma Joe Baffle Plates
Oklahoma Joe Baffle Plates

Oklahoma Joe Baffle Plates


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    Imported from BBQ smoker mods

    For even cook chamber temperatures

    ProSmoke Exclusive

    Offset smokers by design let all the heat in one end of the cook chamber, this can be a good thing. But some slow cooks you want even temperatures end to end, that's where baffle plates come in, they distribute the heat evenly across the smoker using a series of drilled holes.  
    Our plates are thick steal, creating a heat sink effect also, they need seasoning with oil and will last forever. 
    We recommend leaving a 1cm gap at the firebox side, this should give you consistent temperatures within 10F each side. 
    Simply lay the plates in the smoker and you're set, no tools required! 

    39.5cm wide x 80cm long in total 
    These fit the Oklahoma Joe Highland only

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Paul Hemsley
    Must have accessory for OK Joe

    I’d highly recommend this for anyone looking to improve the performance of their Oklahoma Joe Highland.

    This baffle plate evens out the cooking temperature across the grate giving you more useable cooking space, but more importantly for me it helps maintain temperatures. In cheap(ish) offset smokers like the OK Joe, the thinness of the metal and close proximity between the fire and the cooking area combine to mean that temperature swings are quite drastic, getting too hot very quickly and then losing the temperature rapidly.

    With the baffle plate adding so much thermal mass, the smoker now behaves like a more expensive smoker would. Cooking temperature takes longer to reach than it used to, but the loss in temperature from that point is far slower. Even when the fire starts to die and needs replenishing, the cooking chamber will hold its temperature for some time. It means you don’t have to nurse the fire quite as much and you can stay within a desired temperature range (say 225-275f) quite easily.

    Well done to Prosmoke for importing these so that people in the UK can buy them.

    Matt Colley
    Lavalock baffle for Oklahoma Joes Highland

    Great service from Pro Smoke BBQ - good communication, order tracking and prompt shipping - can't fault the service.

    Baffle plate fits and works well. I've not measured temperature differences across the sides yet, but surprisingly, it seems to have improved fuel efficiency, although I'm not sure as to why/how! Temperature swings appear to be less drastic.

    Only fault that I can find is that the plate sits fairly low, which makes it difficult to place a drip pan at the bottom of the cook chamber.

    Steven Kilby
    Brilliant kit well worth it

    Great price been looking for 4 months to find a uk seller. This has dropped my cook chamber temp to 10c different across before it was 50c. Devo worth the investment

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