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PK Grill - PKTX
PK Grill - PKTX
PK Grill - PKTX
PK Grill - PKTX
PK Grill - PKTX

PK Grill - PKTX

The Legendary PK Grill Now Available in The UK

The PK is a world-class grill and smoker; you no longer need to choose between these two important functions and purchase separate pieces of equipment.
The PKTX is primarily a beast of a grill, but can slow cook like the rest of them, its heavy-duty aluminium shell will stay free from corrosion, and retain heat like a ceramic cooker for low and slow cooks. 
We are offering all PKTX models in Red, Graphite or Silver.

Only the RED PKTX includes a cover and thermometer as standard, these were special units we managed to get from PK Grills

This is the ''shipped' price. 

Want the PK without the PKTX stand? drop us an email and we can discount it further. 



The PK Grill is truly a legend in BBQ.
The PKTX is the most portable of all the models, great for family camping or back garden BBQ, or even competition cooking. 
This is a lifetime grill and a piece of BBQ history, this version might not be around forever and is a must for your BBQ collection.


Its handmade cast aluminium shell is completly unique to any grill on the market. 
The aluminium shell is excellent for heat retention, making it very efficent when slow cooking.
This heavy-duty shell is very robust, and won't be damaged easily.
The hinges don't consist of any moving parts, and simply interlock. The lid will also stay in the up position, or can even be completly removed. 

The Gold Standard Of Grilling

When we say this is the best grill ever, we mean it!
We've used them all and this was built from the ground up with grilling in mind, whether you are cooking ribs, steak, chicken or vegetables, direct grilling on this cooker is a joy, and the results are extremely satisfying.
The clam shell design concentrates heat from the coals to the grill.
Want to calm things down, no problem! Shut the lid and slow grill your food - all can be monitored on the upgraded Tel-Tru thermometer. 


Indirect cooking effectively turns your PK into an oven.  Set the coals off to one side, with the food on the other and you're slow cooking indirectly.
Perfect for slowly getting big cuts of meat up to temperature, before you sear them right over the coals. 
It's not a set and forget cooker like the Masterbuilt 560, but it's not far off! Its clever lifting food grate has a hinge one side for adding more coals as you cook. 


Having a BBQ that's portable is a real treat, simply fold the stand, strap the unit, and you're off.
No complicated leg system that needs to be removed before transport.
Going to a friends, or going camping this cooker is perfect.
Due to its lightweight material this whole unit weighs 24kgs. 

The PKTX Does Really Go Anywhere!

The 'Go' Stand for the PKTX can be purchased as an extra, this is the king of the tail gate setup!
But even as a table top or out the way of on the patio somewhere, this edition to the PK is a winner.
Powder coated steel tubed cart holds the PK securely and can be moved (once cool) anywhere. 


Cool touch handle, for safe use.
The major selling point of this unit, is how hot you can sear, so a cool touch handle is vital.

An integreated ash catcher built into the trolley, means there's a place for all the ash to drop out of the vents, it will sit in the groove until you've finished.


A durable side table is a must for any BBQ, but so many don't have them.
IHeatproof and hard wearing and incudes an integrated utensil and cup holder,

These high density rubber wheels navigate rough terrain better than any other BBQ wheel we've used. 


The 4 vent system on all PKTX models allows you to manipulate the air flow in a very unique way that you can't do with domed BBQs.
Slow cooking or direct grilling is easy, coupled with the ourtsanding heat retention, this will really take your cooks to the next level.


The PK grill has been a staple in BBQ circles over the years and has acquired many awards, plus it is ProSmoke BBQ approved - we test things long before we stock them. 

We also give you option to purchase this bundle, with all the essentials to get you started: flamers, grill brush, briquettes, thermometer, butcher paper. 
Also, access to Hixons of London (butcher) with VIP pricing! Enjoy a selection their restaurant quality meat at a discount, just by shopping with us. 



Oliver Giles

ProSmoke BBQ - CEO

The PK range of grills has been on our radar for a while.
There really isn't anything like straight up grilling on a summers day with a beer in hand, and we found other grills just couldn't give us that intense heat you can get with the PK.
It's also a huge bonus that this cooker slow cooks so well.
To top it all off, we can throw it into our truck and travel easily to demos or family holidays, there's nothing like it here in the UK, and we're pleased to be the UK dealer.

Equipment Review Website

This portable grill is built to last. The cast aluminium body is rugged and designed to live up to the life of a portable grill. The added 10-year warranty from the manufacturer means you have some peace of mind while taking this grill on camping trips or out tailgating.

The PKTX doubles as a smoker. If you’re interested in getting deeper into the world of slow cooking, this bbq grill might be the tool you need to open a whole new world of flavor.

Frequently Asked Question

Our Commitment To Brands We Carry

As with all the brands we carry, we're 100% behind them, we don't just import, buy, sell then forget.
The PK Grill warrenty will be fully support by us here in the UK, prior to now this has not been possible due to there being no dedicated dealer network, your warrenty would be handled directly with the US and would involve expensive shipping invoices.
There is not much to go wrong with this unit due to virtually no moving parts, but the piece of mind is there, ProSmoke BBQ is now PKUK and will carry a full range of accessories and any future grills that they release.
We hope you find this as exciting as we do, it's really quite big for the UK BBQ scene, 

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