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Pro Smoke BBQ Fuel Dome

Pro Smoke BBQ Fuel Dome

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The BBQ charcoal dome is a revolution in BBQ, this item can change the way you BBQ forever, whether you cook low and slow or direct on a grill 

Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking
The Dome can redirect the flow of heat up and around the meat which can turn your kettle into a true indirect 'smoker'.

High Heat Searing
This is your searing option. Picture the back of a jet engine where the fire is shooting out of the exhaust cones. This is what you will get that intense sear from.

Radiant Heat
Due to the grate-to-lid height on a kettle, making an upright 'beer can' chicken can be difficult to cook. But with this you can sit the chicken in the upside down Vortex, cooking it indirectly and evenly all the way round.

Always remember to do an initial burn off before using the product!

Compressed wood chunks with every purchase! Clean blue smoke every time 

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