10 inch Wood Splits
10 inch Wood Splits in a grill
10 inch Wood Splits burned in a grill
charcoal in a grill
10 inch Wood Splits in a firebox
10'' Pizza Oven & Smoker Wood Splits

10'' Pizza Oven & Smoker Wood Splits

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Ships in a handy 10kg Box

  • 10 inch oak wood splits slowly dried to 12-16% moisture level
  • English hardwood
  • 10-12kg in weight
  • 10'' long splits approximately 
  • Guaranteed perfect burn, thin blue smoke every time
  • Sorted for consistent sizes

10'' wood splits are the new goto! We feel they burn better and more consistently than wood chunks, and we have them dried to the perfect moisture level for a clean burn every time. 
The other great thing about 10'' splits is we can automate the processes, saving lots of money on labour and getting you a much better deal. 

We sort all our wood shipments by hand to make sure you get the perfect sizes for consistent burning each time.

Hardwood kindling nets now on offer. These consist of very small pieces of wood that don't make the grade for the big boxes. They light extremely fast and can also be used for smoking on smaller BBQ's where low air flow is present.

Pizza Ovens and 10 inch Oak Wood Splits

Due to their size, these ovens rely on clean dry wood that burns efficiently and provides a hot coal bed. These 10 inch Splits will fit easily in a variety of ovens like Delivita, Ooni and Gozney domes. 
Pizza ovens run excellent on silver birch wood, this is the most common wood type throughout Europe due to its excellent clean burn and hot embers.
We sell 10'' silver birch in a more chunky size split, to cater to large and small ovens and smokers.
These will require splitting with a small hand axe for smaller ovens, So why not add out ProSmoke hand axe on at a discount. 

Smaller Offset Smokers

Smaller 16'' offset smokers like our Blackfire, Cactus Jack, newly released Texas edition cooker and Oklahoma Joe highland, Will run quite easily on small 10'' splits, chunky or normal. We recommend oak for its high BTU and coal bed properties. 
We suggest running a lump wood charcoal base to make your wood split boxes go further. 
We can offer further discounts on larger orders, 10'' splits can come in the half or full pallet quantities. 

For bigger offset smokers you may find our 16'' split packs are better HERE

PK Grills/ Weber Kettles / Ceramic BBQs with 10 inch oak wood splits

These wood splits fit perfectly crossways on these grills, you can use these splits to bank the charcoal to one side, this will act as a barrier while providing long periods of smoke. 

Alternatively in ceramic cookers like Kamado Joes or Big Green Eggs, we recommend you bury the split in the charcoal, light the top section and allow the embers to fall down onto the wood, this will give you very clean smoke on these slow air flow BBQ's

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and 10 inch oak wood splits

These splits fit perfectly down the main charcoal hopper or ash bin. This is one of our main methods of smoking on the Masterbuilt gravity series, as this smoker burns large wood chunks / splits very efficiently. 
You may prefer a larger split on these units like our 16'' one HERE

 Cut Your Own Chunks

Due to their small diameter, these will fit under a small chop saw for cutting at home, this is a very economical way of purchasing wood as most of the cost is in the labour of cutting the wood. 
We recommend a table mitre saw and all the protective face/eye wear. 


Oak - Our personal favourite here at ProSmoke with its unmistakable smell and taste. Oak's a heavier smoke that suits all meat types and maybe too heavy for vegetables. Pairs particularly well with beef and lamb, and is a must when cooking brisket. 

Silver Birch - A light sweet smoke that suits pizzas and smaller grills. Silver birch has a very clean burn and produces excellent heat and coal bed, it's one of our favourites. 

Pear - One of the best sweet smokes you can use. Very light smoke, ideal for people new to smoking and not looking to over smoke their food. Pairs very well with Poultry and mixes well with Oak. 

Cherry - Another fantastic sweet smoke with the added bonus of applying lovely deep red colour to your food. Pairs well with poultry, especially duck, also a must for pork ribs and pulled pork cooks. 

Apple - It has a mildly sweet and fruity flavour which makes apple wood ideal for cooking smoked chicken, turkey or fish. Mixes well with Oak or Beech.

Beech - Slightly milder than oak and a very hot burning wood. Often used to cook pizzas, and smoke vegetables or poultry. Pairs well with any fruit woods. 

Other ideas:
Why not try burning wood down to embers and cooking over it as pictured. This is a great alternative to charcoal, and the oldest way to cook over fire. Suitable for quick grilling.


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Customer Reviews

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Burn well

Adam F.
Great quality

Great quality wood. Delivered quickly. Great tasting food. Good moisture content


Great as always.

Lee Wesson
Excellent - would highly recommend

Excellent splits and the perfect size for my offset smoker. Really clean and dry wood to give a very clean smoke and creat flavour on our meat. Would recommend


Great size does the job, used in masterbuit 1050