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Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp
Tip Top Temp

Tip Top Temp

The Ultimate Heat Control Gadget For Your BBQ

We've seen some gadgets in our time, but in terms of functionality for cost this beats them all.

We're pleased to announce we're the official European distributor of the famous Tip Top Temp!
This little gadget is a complete temperature and air controller for your BBQ or smoker, compatible with many different makes and models, including all Weber kettles and other kettles that have a top vent, plus all weber smokey mountains, ceramic grills, Pro Q's and Bullet Smokers.

It works by regulating the air getting to your coals all via the top vent, while your bottom vents are closed off.

You simply set the dial to what temperature you want your BBQ to cook at, based on the chart provided, this chart takes into account ambient temperature and the spring coiled on top contracts and expands depending on the hot air from the coals, this then open or closes the vent to regulate your temperature within 5-10 degrees, don't believe us, check out this video below:

Full Tip Top Temp Instructions:

Things we found during testing that might be useful:
- Our weber had a cool touch plastic handle on the vent, this pulled off so the TTT could fit
- Pull the rubber gasket away from the TTT by about a third to create a nice connection, it won't suck on, but will stay in contact quite well as it heats. 
- Crack the bottom vents a touch, gets you nice clean air in and the TTT regulates the air out, use the sheet as a guide and allow 20 mins for vents adjustments to take effect.
- The fuel dome makes a great charcoal basket for indirect cooking, light the top coals and let it burn down through the cook (minion method)
- This will make your Weber flow slower, much like a kamado, so the same methods apply when it comes to wood chunks, keep them small! if anything layer chips through your coals, for a milder clean smoke.
- We have various retaining clips now listed for the TTT, pick the one best for your cooker, if you're unsure please message us.

Retainer Clips and Bands
We sell various, clips bands and retainers for the TTT, these are optional, the TTT will sit nicely on the BBQ vent, but a retaining band or clip will keep it in place when the lid is lifted.
- Kettle clips, these clips slide under the edges of the vent and have a 90 degree bend in them, the TTT will then sit on the clips, with them wedged between the band and the body of the TTT
- The Plate hanger style retainer is for kamados like the acorn / Costco ceramic, this vent style allows the TTT to sit on the vent and be retained by the plate hanger.
- The thick band for kamado joe classic and eggs fits right around the TTT and the top of the chimney on these cookers.
- We also have thick gaskets for the biggest of kamado cookers where the TTT would just fall through the chimney, this would go round the TTT and extend its diameter to fit snug within the chimney.
- The other thick gasket will fit inside the TTT, reducing it hole size to around 9cm, this means it will fit the smallest of kamados, like the joe junior, aldi and lidl kamado

Other things that pair well with this are:

- BBQ Fuel Dome, this acts like a fire basket, you then use the minion method (lit coals on top) for slow cooks
- Fireblack gasket tape
- Smoking wood Chips or Chunks
- Cajun Bandit WSM upgrades

This item on it's own can ship via our Royal Mail small parcel rate.



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