Cactus Jack 16'' Long Horn - 7 in 1 Smoker


The Cactus Jack 7 in 1 Barbeque, is a lifetime premium offset smoker, it can do it all. 

Straight out the box it's a standard offset smoker, but this is made from heavy duty 7mm steel, coated in a high-temperature paint.
These smokers can achieve an even temperature from left to right, by a patent ceramic foam stone between the firebox and cook chamber, this also doubles as a filter, preventing any soot and ash entering the cook chamber. No longer do you need a complicated baffle system to even the cooking temperature left to right. 
This stone can also be removed for a traditional hotter form of cooking, enabling a heavier smoke taste to your food.
Other standard equipment includes the reverse flow plate, this plate sits inside your smoker and makes it reverse flow once you have mounted the chimney on the other end, simply by attaching with a couple of bolts. 
The main chamber grill plate will be included, this means you can load the cook chamber with lump charcoal of wood for a bigger grill service.
Firebox grill grates will also be in the standard kit. 

The quality of this smoker is evident from start to finish, from 
it's handmade cool touch wooden handles, to its rubber coated wheels all in a 7mm thick steel body. Once heated they simply require 1 to 2 logs every 30-40 minutes, they are perfectly balanced for consistent repeatable results and will last a lifetime. 

Upgradeable from day 1 with a multitude of accessories,
All the listed upgrades can be fitted within minutes, giving you the flexibility to cook/smoke in any way. 

We're most excited about the option of adding a wood pellet feeder, no more sleepless overnight cooks, smoke your food on real wood for the first few hours, then switch to the pellet feeder, this will add controlled amounts of wood pellets to a fire, keeping to whatever temperature you've set on the digital reader.
Leave this running for the reaming hours, it's set it and forget it while still maintaining wood smoke flavour, and not having to tend to a fire all night long.  

Pro Smoke will ship the following fire pack with the smoker:
- 50L of lumpwood Charcoal
- 12'' seasoned wood splits pack
- Wood moister tester
- Dinner bell
- Smoking wood chunks
- Organic Firestarters 
- Drip bucket
- Ash scrapper 
- Cactus Jack heat proof gloves

Weight: 175kg
Size: 180cm x 80cm x 150cm
Cooking capacity: 0.5m Square