4'' Pro Smoke Pit Thermometer

  • Heavy Duty Professional Dual Scale Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy to read 4 inch dual scale Dial (50 to 550 F)
  • Fine Tuning Calibration Adjustment
  • 1/2'' NPT Thread
  • 3'' Stem and 4'' Dial - Largest in the UK
  • Fits most offset smokers without modification
  • All Webers with a minor hole modification 
  • Perfect for Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS)

BBQ Thermometers don't get any better than this, it's a large 4 inch diameter, dual scale reader! Always knowing where your BBQ temperatures are is an essential part of being a pit boss. 
Great if you're fed up with the inaccurate BBQ thermometers, upgrading an existing smoker or building an ugly drum smoker this is the one. 
The 1/2'' NPT thread ensures it will screw right into existing offset smokers including the Oklahoma Joe Highland 
It also has an extra calibration screw in the rear where you can fine tune it to a digital probe sat in the kettle. 
If you have a Weber bbq we recommend you use a ''uni bit'' to bore the existing hole to 1/2'', this tool is also great for making a new whole if this is an additional thermometer on your pit. 
The lens assembly is hermetically sealed to prevent fogging and moisture from the entering the dial, this really is the Rolls Royce of pit thermometers

If you think a 3'' stem maybe too big for your smoker when full, please see the ''shim kit'', this will take the stem down to 1.5''

IMPORTANT Calibration
These thermometers are calibrated to exact temperature, so they will not take into account grate level temperature which is normally slightly lower.

If you wish to recalibrate these to read grill temperature, simply turn the adjustment screw on the back to your desired setting. 

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