Cactus Jack 16'' Special Edition


Due to current factory demand, please allow 3-4 Weeks for all offset smoker deliveries
We've also managed to negotiate better pallet rates for 2019, this price is shipped to your door!

Cooking with a real wood fire, indirectly, is really taking barbeque back to its roots, enabling you to impart maximum flavour while keeping your food moist and tender. 

Offset smokers are not set and forget, but allow maximum flexibility in terms of building your own fire, controlling the smoke flavour, heat and once mastered there is no other form of barbeque quite as satisfying.
Don't expect to master this art right away, as the road to being a pitmaster takes time, but know that every piece of food you serve, is a reflection of your skills running a proper pit!  

The 16'' special is great in a tight space, it's small footprint means you can fit it in the corner of a small garden or balcony, it's the only offset smoker of its kind.
It's fitted with a ceramic stone between the firebox and cook chamber, this has 2 functions:
- it will even the temperature across the grates to within 10 degrees, meaning you can cook on the whole surface
- This stone will also act as a filter of all ash from the firebox, giving you clean heat through your cook.
Removing the stone creates a bigger temperature swing, useful for hot and fast cooks in the right side, while maintaining low and slow temperatures in the left side. 

The quality of this offset smoker is evident from start to finish, from 
it's handmade cool touch wooden handles, to its rubber coated wheels all in a 7mm thick steel body. Once heated they simply require 1 to 2 logs every 20-30 minutes, they are perfectly balanced for consistent repeatable results and will last a lifetime. 

This Cactus Jack model ships with: 
- 1 x 12'' seasoned wood splits pack
- Wood moister tester
- Dinner bell
- Organic Firestarters 
- Drip bucket
- Ash scrapper 
- Cactus Jack heat proof gloves
- Cast iron pot hanger
- Firebox door spacer, for accurate heat control

To say we're obsessed with our Cactus Jack offset smoker might just be an understatement! check out our Instagram to see all our cooks.

Weight: 140 kg 
Mass (L / W / H): 145/80/150 cm

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